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  1. Daniel Hewitt - Political Reporter

Wirral West MP tipped for promotion in reshuffle

Esther Mcvey MP with Prime Minister David Cameron Credit: PA

The MP for Wirral West Esther Mcvey is widely tipped for promotion as the Prime Minister begins his cabinet reshuffle. The former TV presenter was elected in 2010 and currently works in the Department for Work and Pensions as the Minister for Disabled People.

The Prime Minister is believed to be keen to see more females in the higher ranks of his government, and to promote more Northerners. Mcvey has impressed senior cabinet members with her robust defence of the government's benefit changes in a series of media appearances over the last 12 months.

  1. Daniel Hewitt - Politics Reporter

Manchester prepares for Conservative Party Conference

A big security operation's in place ahead of the Conservative Party conference which starts in Manchester on Sunday.

Manchester Central will host 12,00 delegates, politicians and journalists as the Prime Minister David Cameron brings his party to the city for the third time in five years.


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PM calls for 'changes in practice' to help struggling A&Es

The Prime Minister said there needed to be "changes in practice" to help struggling A&E departments as the Government announced a £500 million boost to the emergency care system over the next two years.

He said: "It is a significant amount of money going into A&E departments over the next two years and that will cope with some of the difficulties we have seen.

"But alongside that money we also need to some changes in practice. We need to make sure there are more consultants and senior doctors available in our A&E departments.

"We need to make sure that GP surgeries work more closely with hospitals.

"We need to make sure the frail elderly are better cared for in our communities rather than endlessly going in and out of accident and emergency departments."

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Father of suicide girl urges PM to tackle online abuse

David Smith, pictured with his older daughter Jo, wants more action against online bullying. Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

The father of a teenager who killed herself after receiving online abuse has called on the Prime Minister to take action to end online bullying on websites such as

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, David Smith said: “If David Cameron was sat here now, I’d want to know why he hasn’t done something about this two years ago because modern technology has gone on, but laws are stuck the same."

Hannah Smith, 14, was found hanged on Friday in Lutterworth, Leicestershire after receiving abusive messages on the website, which allows users to send messages to one another without disclosing their identity.

Read more: Cameron urges parents to 'boycott vile internet sites'


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Cameron urges parents to 'boycott vile internet sites'

The Prime Minister said parents needed to boycott "vile sites" after the father of a cyber-bullying victim called for more regulation of social networks on the internet.

Hannah Smith, 14, from Lutterworth, Leicestershire, was found hanged on Friday after being bullied on website

David Cameron said: "There's something all of us can do as well as parents and as users of the internet and that is not use some of these vile sites, boycott them, don't go there, don't join them.

"I'm very keen we look at all the action we can take to try and help stop future tragedies like this."

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Cameron: Suarez 'set the most appalling example'

David Cameron said his own intervention in Luis Suarez's 10 match ban for biting an opponent was merely that of a "concerned father" and added that the player's punishment was a matter for the Football Association.

Prime Minister David Cameron. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

The Prime Minister said earlier this week: "I think it would be very understandable if (the panel) took into account the fact that high-profile players are often role models."

The FA stated the standard three-match ban for violent conduct was "clearly insufficient" in Suarez's case when announcing he had been charged.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers claimed that that remarks from both Cameron and the FAhad affected the impartiality of the independent panel hearing his case.

Mr Cameron told BBC Radio Five Live this morning: "I made my own views clear just as a dad watching the game. I've got a seven-year-old son who just loves watching football and when players behave like this it just sets the most appalling example to young people in our country."

Pressed on whether a 10-match ban was appropriate for the offence, he added: "That's up to the FA, it's not my decision."

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