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Statement from former Chief David Crompton after High Court win

Former Chief Constable David Crompton has also released a statement in regards to his High Court win challenging the decision that required him to resign.

Former Chief Constable David Crompton Credit: PA

I welcome today's decision by the court to overturn the Police and Crime Commissioner's decisions, first to suspend me, and then to require me to resign.

The court's judgement concludes Dr Billings acted unlawfully from start to finish, branding his course of decision-making 'irrational', 'perverse', 'unreasonable', 'misconceived' and 'wholly disproportionate'.

The public and a police force are entitled to expect their Police and Crime Commissioner to act fairly and rationally.

The history related by the court demonstrates a complete absence of both.

Similarly, the court found the Police and Crime Panels's reasoning in support of Dr Billings to be 'thin and unconvincing'.

Dr Billings has spent a huge amount of public money trying to defend actions which he was advised in the strongest terms not to pursue by Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary.

It is highly significant that today's judgment repeats almost all of the arguments made originally by Sir Thomas (Winsor) nearly a year ago in his advice under the statutory process to the Police and Crime Commissioner. This money would have been better spent on operational policing.

– Former Chief Constable, David Crompton

Statement from Hillsborough Family Support Group

The Hillsborough Family Support Group have released a statement following former Chief Constable David Crompton's High Court win challenging the decision requiring him to resign.

Margaret Aspinall lost her son James in the Hillsborough Disaster Credit: ITV News

I find it rather strange that today has been chosen by the court to make the announcement about David Crompton.

The decision was taken last Friday, so why wait until today to break this news, is it simply to brush it under the carpet?

David Crompton was prepared yet again to blame the Liverpool fans and made the recent Hillsborough inquests last much longer than originally expected and put the families through so much grief and pain. David has spent millions of pounds over the past few years defending the indefensible and that is why the Hillsborough Families called for him to go and I still believe that Dr Alan Billings made the correct decision.

We all must remember Dr Billings was only appointed to his role of Police and Crime Commissioner in November 2014 and he had to be seen to be doing things right.

Nothing at all surprises me what goes on, what annoys me is that this senior officer can win this case, yet we, the HFSG, went for judicial reviews and lost them, the truth surrounding Hillsborough was covered up all these years, and if Crompton had had his way, it still would be.

– Margaret Aspinall, Chairman HFSG