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Submarine contract safeguards jobs and creates 280 more

BAE Systems has been awarded a £328m contract for the design of the Royal Navy’s next generation of submarines.

The company says the contract will safeguard current jobs and allow them to create a further 280 positions this year.

The signing of this contract is a key step forward in our business strategy to deliver a seven-boat Astute programme followed by the replacement class for the Vanguard submarines.

Not only does it help sustain the jobs of over 1,000 skilled employees currently working on the programme, it also provides the opportunity to grow our workforce by a further 280 in 2012.

– John Hudson, BAE Managing Director

The first of the new class is due to be delivered in 2028 and will provide the nation’s nuclear deterrent into the 2060s.



The F-35 Lightning II

F-35 flies over an aircraft carrier Credit: BAE Systems

Length: 15.6m

Height: 4.36m

Wingspan: 10.7m

Weight empty: 29,000-32,300lb

Fuel capacity: 13,500-18,250lb

Weapons payload: 25mm cannon 15,000lb

Weapons: Two AIM-120c- air-to-air missiles, two 1,000lb guided bombs

Max weight: 60,000lb

Speed: Mach 1.6

Max G-rating: up to 9.0

The RAF plans to have 138 aircraft

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter can reach Mach 1.6 Credit: BAE Systems
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