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  1. Rob Smith

Former army medic struck off the medical register

Dr Derek Keilloh Credit: Press Association

A former army medic is struck off the medical register. Dr Derek Keilloh was "dishonest" over an Iraqi's detainee's death.

Dr Keilloh said he saw no injuries on Baha Mousa, who died in the custody of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment in 2003. Mr Mousa had 93 wounds.

Baha Mousa died at the hands of soldiers from the Queen's Lancashire Regiment Credit: Press Association

A medical tribunal is now deciding whether Dr Keilloh's medical registration should be "erased" immediately or in 28 days.

The former army medic claimed he hadn't tried to cover-up what happened to Mr Mousa. The panel decided he was guilty of serious misconduct.

The tribunal says Dr Keilloh's "erasure" from the medical register is the only way "proper standards" and "trust" in doctors may be ensured.Dr Keilloh's misconduct would be "fundamentally incompatible" with "registration" as a medical practitioner, according to the ruling.