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Video: The man who saved neighbours from being mauled by dog

A man is being hailed a hero by neighbours after he stepped in to save a woman and boy being mauled by a dog in Manchester.

The dog attacked the woman and a teenager in the street in Harpurhey.

When Neil Twigg saw what was happening he started to fight the animal off.

But when that didn't deter the dog he ran to his kitchen for a knife.

Rob Smith has been talking to him. And a warning that this report contains images you may find distressing from the start:-

Video: Neighbour says killing a dog that attacked two people was a last resort

A man has described the moment he saved a woman and 14-year-old boy from being mauled by a dog in Manchester.

Neil Twigg saw the dog attacking the pair on Watfield Walk in Harpurhey yesterday.

After neighbours tried to fight the dog off, he stabbed the animal to death with a kitchen knife.

Police are investigating the incident.

Neil says killing the dog was a last resort.