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Woman left dead dog in kitchen for days

Picture inside the house

A woman from Salford is facing eviction after she left a dead dog in her kitchen for several days.

Salix Homes who provide social housing sought legal action to seize the property on Monsal Avenue from Margaret Martin after the grim discovery was made last year.

A recent court hearing heard how Martin, 62, allowed the property, where she has lived since 2007, to fall into an appalling state with piles of rubbish discovered in the house and in the garden.

The court granted a 3 year suspended possession order, the conditions stipulate Martin must ensure the property is kept in an acceptable condition and must allow housing officers to inspect the condition of the property. She also must not keep an animal at, or allow an animal into the property.

If Martin breaches the terms of the Order within the next three years, she could face eviction.

Following the discovery of the dead dog, the RSPCA also sought legal action against Martin who pleaded guilty to the failure of duty of care towards an animal. She will be sentneced next week.

Claire Taylor, from Salix Homes, said: “This has been a very difficult case for everyone involved.

“Our officers made numerous attempts to engage with Martin to assist her to clean up the property in order to maintain her tenancy, but she refused to co-operate or even allow us access to the property, which is a serious breach of tenancy and one that we take very seriously.

“We will now be monitoring Martin closely to ensure she complies with the terms of the Order, but if she is found to be in breach of the Order Salix Homes has the legal right to enforce the Possession Order, which could lead to eviction.”

Woman reunited with stolen dog after campaign

A rescue dog stolen which from outside an ASDA supermarket in Liverpool has been returned to his owner.

An appeal was made by police yesterday for the border collie Frankie.

Owner Mel Lewis was inside buying groceries and when she returned her dog had gone. She took to Twitter where a number of people publicised her search for her pet.

Last night the dog was returned and a man arrested.


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Rochdale child sex abuse gang refused leave to appeal

Nine men who were part of the Rochdale child sex abuse ring have been refused leave to appeal against their convictions and jail sentences.

The sex offenders were part of a gang who received jail sentences of between four and 19 years from a judge who said they had treated their victims "as though they were worthless and beyond any respect".

Top - L to R: Abdul Rauf, Hamid Safi, Mohammed Sajid, Abdul Aziz. Bottom - L to R: Abdul Qayyum, Adil Khan, Mohammed Amin, Kabeer Hassan. Credit: Greater Manchester Police/PA Wire

Following the trial, the Crown Prosecution Service, Greater Manchester Police and Rochdale Social Services were forced to apologise for failing to bring the paedophile gang to justice sooner.

The news that the men have been refused leave to appeal against their sentences and convictions comes the day after Britain's top prosecutor called new guidelines for child sex abuse cases "the most fundamental attitude shift" in the criminal justice system in a generation.

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Family 'disgusted' as dog death owner goes free

The family of a 14-year-old girl savaged to death by four dogs said they were "disgusted" after the owner walked free from court with a suspended sentence.

14-year-old Jade Lomas-Anderson was mauled to death by four dogs. Credit: Family handout

Beverley Concannon kept one of her dogs, a big American bull mastiff, in a tiny cage where it went "stir crazy," along with two other pit bulls and a bull mastiff which were all kept cooped up in her council house.

The conditions led to them becoming stressed and "hyper aggressive" before they turned on Jade Lomas-Anderson at the house in Atherton, Greater Manchester on March 26.


Dog owner handed suspended sentence

A woman who admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a pack of dogs that went on to kill a girl from Greater Manchester has been given a suspended jail term.

Beverley Concannon was sentenced to 16 weeks, suspended for 12 months at Wigan Magistrates Court. She's also been handed an indefinite ban on keeping dogs.

Jade Lomas Anderson was mauled to death at a house in Atherton in March. The 14 year old was visiting a friend during her school holidays. Armed officers shot dead the four dogs at the house.

Woman sentenced over dog attack death

Jade Anderson

The owner of a pack of dogs that killed a girl from Greater Manchester will be sentenced today

Jade Lomas Anderson was mauled to death at a house in Atherton in March. The 14 year old was visiting a friend during her school holidays.Armed officers shot dead the four dogs at the house.

Beverley Concannon admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the dogs at an earlier hearing.

A bird's best friend

Rebel, was keen to make the little bird feel at home by offering what looked like a kiss on the beak.

A family from Stockport and their dogs had a close encounter with a confused baby bird when it flew out of a bush and landed on their pet dog’s back.

Goldfinch fledgling chose a friendly place to perch in Scooby

Luckily, the goldfinch fledgling chose a friendly place to perch in Scooby, a rescued Greyhound-cross, who was more than happy to provide a resting place for his new feathered friend.

Paul Roberts his wife Kim and two sons, Beck, 12, and Cole 9, captured it on camera and sent the pics to the RSPB.

Close encounter of the bird kind

Richard James, a wildlife advisor for the RSPB, said: “Young birds often show very little fear; some even seem to have a death wish. Luckily, this little goldfinch didn’t have anything to worry about, but that’s not always the case.

Our advice is that if you find a baby bird in a particularly vulnerable spot, move it to a safer place as nearby as possible, otherwise, leave it where it is.”

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