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Meet Merseyside Police's newest recruits

Champ Credit: Merseyside Police
Gemma Credit: Champ

Merseyside Police has welcomed two new recruits to the force’s dog section this year.

Police dogs Gemma and Champ, both Labrador Retriever crosses, were donated to the force by Guide Dogs Liverpool, who noticed their potential to be police dogs when undertaking training at their centre.

Both dogs underwent extensive training at the force’s specialist dog section and are now working as sniffer dogs, trained to find drugs, firearms and cash under the guidance of their handlers Constable Si Coley and Constable Steve Martin.

Constable Si Coley with Gemma and Constable Steve Martin with Champ Credit: Merseyside Police

Dog Section Inspector, Mark Fallows said: "Both dogs have been a real asset to the department and in a few short weeks, both have already made key drugs finds.

"It’s great to know that our partners in other agencies, such as Guide Dogs Liverpool, are able to spot qualities in a dog, that while aren't suited in a guide dog, will help to make a great police dog.

"We work closely with Guide Dogs Liverpool and are delighted that the dogs they have provided to us have passed their training and are now helping to us to keep the streets of Merseyside safe.”


80 stones removed from gravel eating dog

Dog eats 30 stones Credit: PDSA

Vets in Blackpool have managed to save a Jack Russell with a taste for gravel after she swallowed up to 80 pieces from the garden which nearly killed her.

Gravel in dogs stomach Credit: PDSA

An x-ray of 'Star's' stomach stunned staff at the PDSA in the resort after revealing the seven year old dog had wolfed down huge quantities of gravel - with dozens of them littered in her stomach.

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