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Backlash over 'inappropriate and offensive' newsletter

From Eastlands homes newsletter

Manchester City Council have branded a newsletter sent out to residents in the city 'offensive and inappropriate after it caused an online black lash.

It was implied Eastlands Homes tenants should budget better and ditch Sky, cigarettes and bingo and budget better to keep their homes.

The newsletter caused outrage amongst residents where the association operate in areas including, Clayton, Levenshulme, Longsight and Rusholme.

Eastlands have since said sorry if they caused offence.

Today the city council released a statement which read:

"This item produced by Eastlands Homes, an independent registered social landlord, is inappropriate and offensive.

It does not reflect the views of the city council nor does it recognise the genuine hardship which the government's benefit changes will cause to very many Manchester residents through no fault of their own.

While we do encourage housing providers to give advice to tenants on budgeting, this sort of stereotyping does not help anybody."