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Salford and Eccles - Labour Hold Hazel Blears' former seat with increased share of vote

Salford and Eccles
  • Rebecca Long-Bailey (Lab) 21,364 (49.38%, +9.28%)
  • The Rev Greg Downes (C) 8,823 (20.39%, -0.06%)
  • Paul Doyle (UKIP) 7,806 (18.04%, +15.43%)
  • Emma Van Dyke (Green) 2,251 (5.20%)
  • Charlie Briggs (LD) 1,614 (3.73%, -22.59%)
  • Bez Berry (Reality) 703 (1.63%)
  • Noreen Bailey (TUSC) 517 (1.20%, -0.56%)
  • Sam Clark (Pirate) 183 (0.42%)
  • Lab maj 12,541 (28.99%)
  • 4.67% swing C to Lab
  • Electorate 74,290; Turnout 43,261 (58.23%, +3.21%)

Worsley and Eccles South - Labour Hold

  • Barbara Keeley (Lab) 18,600 (44.24%, +1.33%)
  • Iain Lindley (C) 12,654 (30.09%, -2.41%)
  • Owen Hammond (UKIP) 7,688 (18.28%, +13.40%)
  • Christopher Bertenshaw (Green) 1,242 (2.95%)
  • Kate Clarkson (LD) 1,100 (2.62%, -13.89%)
  • Steve North (TUSC) 380 (0.90%)
  • Mags McNally (Reality) 200 (0.48%)
  • Geoffrey Berg (Ind) 184 (0.44%)
  • Lab maj 5,946 (14.14%)
  • 1.87% swing C to Lab
  • Electorate 72,174; Turnout 42,048 (58.26%, +0.72%)


CCTV released as police hunt would-be thief who said sorry to his victim

A would-be bag thief apologised to his victim and stayed to help her following his bungled robbery attempt in Salford.

Between 4pm and 4.30pm last Wednesday, January 7, the 65-year-old victim was travelling along Talbot Street on her mobility scooter when the offender rode alongside her and attempted to snatch her handbag.

The pensioner held tight and following a brief struggle the offender pulled at it with such force that he caused the mobility scooter to topple over, causing damage to it and a minor injury to the victim in the process.

He then replaced the battery pack into the scooter and apologised before riding off on his bicycle.

Police have released CCTV footage of the offender in an attempt to try and identify him.

The offender probably saw the woman’s bag sitting in the basket of her mobility scooter and thought he could quickly swipe it and ride off.

“He hasn’t counted on her dogged determination to keep hold of her possessions and in the ensuing struggle has used excessive force, pulling the scooter and woman over.

“The fact he apologised and stayed to help indicates that he has a conscience and also demonstrates a level of remorse.

“However, no matter his actions after the fact, those before it are inexcusable and we need to identify him.

“If anyone recognises someone from the CCTV I would encourage them to get in touch.”

– Detective Constable Jill Vescovi, Greater Manchester Police
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Begg: Government's Henning response was 'not adequate'

Moazzam Begg has told ITV News the government's response to his offer to help secure the release of Alan Henning was "not adequate".

Mr Begg said the "government did not really want me to send out the messages that I needed to get Alan Henning released" when he approached officials on two occasions.

Asked how he could have helped Mr Henning's cause, Begg said his experience as a Guantanamo detainee, use of the Arabic language and his previous help in securing the release of hostages in Syria would have resonated with his captors.

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Ex-FCO minister confirms Moazzam Begg meeting

Former Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) minister Alistair Burt has confirmed he met with Moazzam Begg to discuss the British hostage Alan Henning and was "confident" the FCO dealt with it "appropriately".

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Henning family 'would have agreed' to Begg negotiating

Relatives of murdered British hostage Alan Henning have told ITV News they would have agreed to former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg negotiating for his release if they had been asked.

Moazzam Begg speaking to ITV News. Credit: ITV News

Begg today claimed he offered to help the government secure the aid worker's release but was told he would not be allowed to directly contact Islamic State.

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