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Neo-Nazi 'White Pride' group to rally in Manchester City Centre

Credit: PA

A neo-nazi rally is being planned in Manchester City Centre Saturday afternoon to mark ‘White Pride Worldwide Day’.

The event is expected to take place in Piccadilly Gardens at lunchtime.

Police are understood to be expecting between 50 and 70 people at the rally, which has been advertised on the English Defence League website.

Manchester Evening News reports that Manchester City Council council condemn the march.

All of Manchester will condemn the vision and hatred they are bringing to our city and having read some of the scandalous antics they’ve got up to in the past their presence here makes me sick to the stomach.”

– Pat Karney, City Centre spokesman told the Manchester Evening News

For the last two years the march was held in Swansea and last year saw Neo Nazi Darren Clifft jailed after he hung an effigy of a golliwog whilst dressed as a KKK member.

A spokesperson for GMP say they are aware of the march but that they respect everyone's democratic right to protest. They also said they would do everything to ensure the march proceeds peacefully.

Twelve arrests after EDL demo in Bolton

There were twelve arrests following a demonstration by the English Defence League in Bolton.

Eleven EDL demonstrators were arrested and one UAF protestor was arrested.

Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner has praised the people of Bolton for their restraint during the demo.

“The EDL is neither wanted nor welcome in Bolton or Greater Manchester and it’s really about time they realised that. They have repeatedly tried to provoke and have repeatedly failed.

“The best response to the EDL is simply to ignore them and I would like to praise the people of Bolton for doing just that."

– Tony Lloyd, Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester


EDL leaders held over Rigby march

Two English Defence League leaders were arrested today as they attempted to visit the spot where Drummer Lee Rigby, from Middleton in Greater Manchester, was hacked to death in broad daylight last month.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson and his co-leader Kevin Carroll were detained by police on suspicion of obstructing officers in east London as they attempted to stage what they claimed was a charity walk to Woolwich Barracks via the East London Mosque.

The Metropolitan Police said yesterday that anyone trying to march to Woolwich would be arrested and imposed a route for the walk between Hyde Park Corner and ending at Old Palace Yard, opposite the House of Lords.


EDL demonstrate in Manchester

Greater Manchester police have made an arrest following a demonstration in Manchester city centre. A group of about 100 people from thought to be from the English Defence League have gathered in Piccadilly Gardens. There are also demonstrators at St Peter’s Square.

Officers are also managing a counter-demonstration by Unite Against Fascism of about 80 people.

We are helping to facilitate what we hope will continue to be a peaceful protest. The safety of the public is our priority and we are working hard with our partners to make sure people can safely go about their business in the city today. One person has been arrested on suspicion of a public order offence.

– GMP spokesperson
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