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Ellesmere Port and Neston - Labour Hold

  • Justin Madders (Lab) 22,316 (47.76%, +3.11%)
  • Katherine Fletcher (C) 16,041 (34.33%, -0.53%)
  • Jonathan Starkey (UKIP) 5,594 (11.97%, +8.31%)
  • Trish Derraugh (LD) 1,563 (3.34%, -11.72%)
  • Michelle Palmer (Green) 990 (2.12%)
  • Felicity Dowling (TUSC) 192 (0.41%)
  • John Dyer (ND) 31 (0.07%)
  • Lab maj 6,275 (13.43%)
  • 1.82% swing C to Lab
  • Electorate 68,134; Turnout 46,727 (68.58%, -1.52%)

5 million cars made at Ellesmere Port

Production line Credit: PA

With 5 millionth car will roll off the production line at Vauxhall, Ellesmere Port today. The company is celebrating 50 years of operation marking quite a turnaround from 2012 when it was saved from closure by a pioneering long-term deal with the unions.

The plant in Cheshire will be taking on 300 new workers who will start in Spring next year ahead of the production of the new Astra model.


Chemicals from Syria's weapons stockpile on way to Ellesmere Port

Veolia Environmental Service in Ellesmere Port Credit: ITV Granada Reports

A shipment of chemicals stockpiled to make weapons has arrived in the country for destruction in Cheshire.

Two hundred tonnes of material removed from war-torn Syria is being held at a military port in Southampton.

From there it will be moved to the Veolia incineration plant at Ellesmere Port.

The company has said it believes the process is safe.


Police say a hotel worker who killed his housemate was an 'extraordinary' case

The detective in charge of the case, DCI Gwyn Dodd says it was an extraordinary case. Sebastian Bendou who admitted killing his housemate was acting under the control of another man Dominic Kocher. Kocher admitted his part in the murder at an earlier hearing.

Christophe Borgye's body was buried under a shed, in the garden of the house he shared with Bendou in Ellesmere Port. Sebastian Bendou has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 14 years.

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