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A bird's best friend

Rebel, was keen to make the little bird feel at home by offering what looked like a kiss on the beak.

A family from Stockport and their dogs had a close encounter with a confused baby bird when it flew out of a bush and landed on their pet dog’s back.

Goldfinch fledgling chose a friendly place to perch in Scooby

Luckily, the goldfinch fledgling chose a friendly place to perch in Scooby, a rescued Greyhound-cross, who was more than happy to provide a resting place for his new feathered friend.

Paul Roberts his wife Kim and two sons, Beck, 12, and Cole 9, captured it on camera and sent the pics to the RSPB.

Close encounter of the bird kind

Richard James, a wildlife advisor for the RSPB, said: “Young birds often show very little fear; some even seem to have a death wish. Luckily, this little goldfinch didn’t have anything to worry about, but that’s not always the case.

Our advice is that if you find a baby bird in a particularly vulnerable spot, move it to a safer place as nearby as possible, otherwise, leave it where it is.”