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FIXERS: Living with a parent in prison

It's believed as many as twenty-six thousand children in the northwest have a parent in prison although they're not recognised in official figures, and have scant specialist support. Now a teenager from our region, is telling her side of the story with the help of charity Fixers.

FIXERS: Highlighting personality disorders

A woman from Warrington has launched a campaign to highlight borderline personality disorders. Rachel Johnston overdosed twice before getting help. She's now giving talks in colleges to raise awareness of the illness. She's now working with FIXERS to give young people a voice on the issue.

Fixers: Living with Asperger's syndrome

It is thought that around one percent of us have some form of autism.

That means 70,000 people in the northwest struggle with communication, and can see the world very differently.

Now a young man from Altrincham, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, has enlisted the help of Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - to help others see the world through his eyes.

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