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Lancashire County Councillor on school meals situation

Lancashire County Councillor Susie Charles, cabinet member for children and schools, has said they had sought extras assurance that its external suppliers were not providing any products containing horse DNA.

Testing had returned one positive result, she said.

Relatively few schools in Lancashire use this particular product but our priority is to provide absolute assurance that meals contain what the label says - having discovered this one doesn't, we have no hesitation in removing it from menus.

This does not appear to be a food safety issue but I've no doubt parents will agree we need to take a very firm line with suppliers and it is a credit to our officers that we have been able to quickly identify the problem and take the product off the menus.

Lancashire County Councillor Susie Charles


Council withdraws beef product from Lancashire school kitchens

Lancashire County Council has withdrawn a beef product from school kitchens after it provisionally tested positive for traces of horse DNA.

The provisional results of the tests on a pre-prepared cottage pie from an external supplier were reported late yesterday evening, February 14, and have been passed onto the Food Standards Agency.

– Lancashire County Council

EXCLUSIVE: Horsemeat in Lancashire schools' cottage pie

by Matt O'Donoghue

Cottage pie that was delivered to 47 schools in Lancashire has tested positive for horse DNA.

The product has now been withdrawn from kitchens.

Officials at Lancashire County Council say the amount of horse consumed by the children will have been 'minute.'

Analysts at one of six laboratories in the country doing the FSA's tests discovered the contaminated product late yesterday.

Scientists uncovered equine DNA at 0.1% concentration in samples.

Headteachers have been alerted.


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