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Greenpeace: council should put community interests before shale gas lobby's

The environmental group Greenpeace say Lancashire County Council should put the interest of communities ahead of the shale gas lobby.

"Allowing more time for Cuadrilla to tinker with their application is not going to change the fundamental fact that fracking is a massive gamble with low returns for the people of Lancashire.

"This deferral is just one more example of Cuadrilla’s aggressive lobbying of Lancashire county council to try and get its way despite overwhelming public opposition to fracking.

"The councillors should look again at the mounting evidence of fracking’s environmental, health and climate impacts, and put the well-being of their communities before the interests of the shale lobby."

– Greenpeace UK energy and climate campaigner Simon Clydesdale


'Carnival atmosphere' at fracking demonstration

Anti-fracking protestors are reporting a "carnival atmosphere" at demonstrations at County Hall in Preston.

Lancashire County Council is meeting to decide the fate of applications to frack for shale gas in the county.

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Fracking protest in Preston

Various anti-fracking groups have gathered at County Hall in Preston, as Lancashire County Council meets to decide the fate of two planning applications in the county.

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