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'Carnival atmosphere' at fracking demonstration

Anti-fracking protestors are reporting a "carnival atmosphere" at demonstrations at County Hall in Preston.

Lancashire County Council is meeting to decide the fate of applications to frack for shale gas in the county.

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Fracking protest in Preston

Various anti-fracking groups have gathered at County Hall in Preston, as Lancashire County Council meets to decide the fate of two planning applications in the county.

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Council bosses to make final decision on fracking

Fracking site Credit: PA Images

A decision is expected to be made on whether to allow fracking at a site in Lancashire. Last week a key report said the planning application by Cuadrilla should be turned down. Today council bosses will meet to consider the plans for Little Plumpton, applications for Roseacre will be looked at tomorrow. Friday has also been set aside in case officials need more time to come to a final conclusion.

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Fracking regime 'robust', government insists

The Department of Energy and Climate Change, situated on Whitehall in Westminster. Credit: Press Association.

A spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change said: "We disagree with the conclusion of this report. We have one of the most robust regulatory regimes for shale gas.

"UK shale development is compatible with our goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions and does not detract from our support for renewables; in fact it could support development of intermittent renewables.

"To meet our challenging climate targets we will need significant quantities of renewables, nuclear and gas in our energy mix. Shale gas has huge potential to create jobs and make us less reliant on imports."

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