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New career for Freddie Flintoff?!?

Take note of Flintoff’s latest hit, the cricketer has already impersonated Elvis during the BBL match earlier this year. On this occassion he's turned his hand to a James Blunt impression on his way back from Hunstaton along with ex-boxer Chris Harris.

Flintoff goes all out in Aussie Bushtucker taste trial

Credit: Youtube: Network10

Freddie Flintoff was put through a range of disturbing taste tests in the Australian version of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Hosts Julia Morris and Chris Brown even encouraged him to eat a Madagascan hissing cockroach.

His reaction said it all:

Oh my word. The back end of it's horrible!

The back end! Jesus!

The back end of that ... It's horrible!

– Freddie Flintoff

Freddie put up a 'six star performance' throughout the trial but was finally beaten by the 'Jungle Smoothie'; a cocktail of fermented milk, cockroaches, worms, flies and more...


Flintoff keeps fans guessing about return to former club

Former England captain Freddie Flintoff has left fans confused about his return to former club St Annes.

The cricketer told a follower on Twitter that he would be returning to the club to play cricket.

He later retracted the comment, claiming he was "only joking."

The former England captain was was forced to quit cricket in 2010 after he failed to recover from a serious knee injury.

Freddie Flintoff confirms return to St Annes

Cricket star Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff has confirmed his return to former club St Annes to play Twenty20 cricket.

The former England captain was was forced to quit cricket in 2010 after he failed to recover from a serious knee injury.

Flintoff wins first fight

Andrew Flintoff and Richard Dawson in action during the International Heavyweight Contest at the Manchester Arena, Manchester. Credit: Dave Thompson/ PA wire

Freddie Flintoff has won his first heavyweight boxing match against Richard Dawson at the Manchester Arena.

Flintoff in action in first heavyweight fight

The former Lancashire and England cricketer beat his opponent 39 points to 38 at the end of four two-minute rounds.

Flintoff celebrates win

The 5000 strong home crowd roared with delight at his success. The 34 year olds win silenced critics who thought his change in sports would "Shame the fight game" including promoter Frank Maloney.

Freddie Flintoff: "I wanna fast forward 24 hours"

Former Lancashire and England all-rounder makes his boxing debut tomorrow. He's topping the bill at Manchester Arena against American Richard Dawson in an eagerly-awaited heavyweight bout.

Today Flintoff fielded questions over how seriously he was taking the fight, following criticism that he was disrespecting the sport.

(warning flash photography in video)