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Gorton man jailed for historic sex abuse

Aubrey Shaw Credit: Greater Manchester Police

A man from Gorton has been jailed for historic sexual abuse of a young girl who was in his care.

82-year-old Aubrey Shaw of Collin Avenue was jailed for 6 years and ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life at Manchester Crown Court.

Between June 2001 and June 2010, Shaw repeatedly sexually assaulted a young girl when she was in his care. The girl – who was 4-years-old when the abuse began – came forward in 2014 to report the offences to police.

Detective Constable Kate Burrows said:

“Aubrey Shaw was a predator who took advantage of the trust placed in him to look after his young victim. He completely betrayed that trust and spent years abusing this girl."

“I would like to pay tribute to the victim for the courage that she has shown coming forward and I hope this sentence shows that we are prepared to investigate sexual assaults, no matter how much time has passed.”

– Kate Burrows, Detective
  1. Matt O'Donoghue

Jordan Begley: more officers give evidence of Taser row

Jordan Begley Credit: Granada

The jury at the Inquest into the death of Jordan Begley has now entered its third week of evidence. Jordan, who was 23 years old, died after police were called to his home in Gorton, Manchester.

The incident happened on July 10th 2013 following a 999 call from his mother for officers to come and help defuse a neighbour dispute. She told the call-taker that her son had picked up a knife and was threatening to go outside to confront a neighbour who had falsely accused him of theft.

Today we've been hearing from PC Christopher Mills and PC Troy Tyldesley. Both arrived at 5 Beard Road after being called to a "Grade 1" which meant they put their lights and sirens on.

No-one knew whether Jordan was actually armed or not when they got there but the call had been downgraded as an officer inside had begun to calm Jordan Begley down.

PC Mills "dropped on Jordan's back" with his knee after the Taser had been fired and "delivered two, closed fist distraction blows to his back, below his ribs." He told the Inquest that the officers were struggling to get Jordan's right arm out form under him. He told how officers are trained in the risks of 'continued restraint' leading to cardiac arrest and asphyxia. Three other officers were holding Jordan's arms and legs at the time and he was face down on the hard floor which was carpeted.

There were some contractions between PC Mills account and some of those that were heard last week but the court was told it was three months before he gave his statement to the IPCC and another two months after that before he was questioned further about that night.

Eventually Mr Begley was handcuffed but at this point PC Mills describes hearing "rasping sounds" coming form Jordan and that they realised "something was wrong." He was asked whether officers had verbally abused Jordan while he lay on the floor but denied hearing anything of the such.

Then we heard from PC Troy Tyldesley who was a divisional officer based out of Openshaw. He arrived - carrying a riot shield - as Jordan was hand cuffed and on the floor. He said everything "seemed calm."

Mr Steve Killalea QC for the family asked about a briefing on another man who was also called 'Jordon Begley' and who was wanted by Greater Manchester Police. PC Tyldesley said he didn't have such a briefing.

After trying to save Jordan's life PC Tyldesley says everyone went back to a "big room" at a Police station where they gathered together.

"Do you recall any conversations about what had happened?" Mr Killalea asked. "No. We were instructed not to discuss the incident." Replied PC Tyldesley. "Why - because you could be influenced by what an officer says about what they saw or did?" Continued Mr Killalea. "Of course." Said PC Tyldesley

Jordan was pronounced dead at hospital a short time later. He had a number of injuries on his body including cuts and bruises to his face and "carpet burns." The purpose of this inquest is to find out what exactly happened leading up to Jordan's death and why he died.


Jordan Begley Inquest: Police officer gives evidence

The police officer who fired his taser at a young man who later died has told an inquest in Manchester he can't remember seeing him being restrained.

Jordan Begley was tasered for nearly ten seconds before he fell to the floor where he was held by at least 4 firearms officers.

PC Terry Donnelly has told the inquest how he entered the house on Beard Street thinking that Jordan Begley may have had a knife.

Matt O'Donoghue reports.

Jordan Begley inquest: policeman who used his Taser gives evidence

Jordan Begley Credit: Greater Manchester Police

The inquest into the death of a man who was Tasered and then ‘restrained’ by at least 4 firearms officers has been hearing about the moment one of the officers fired his stun gun.

PC Terrence Donnelly said in court he believed Jordan Begley may have been armed with a steak knife, although he never saw a weapon.

Jordan – who was 23 years old and had a history of alcoholism - died hours after the incident at his home in Gorton in July 2013.

The officer who fired the Taser told the jury at Manchester Civil Justice Centre he saw Jordan slowly approach him with his hands in his pockets.

PC Donnelly said he drew his Taser then warned Jordan before finally firing - shocking him for nearly ten seconds. At least 4 other officers then rushed into the room to restrain Mr Begley. A short time later, PC Donnelly said, he "realised that something had gone wrong."

Jordan Begley died in hospital two hours later.

Mother says her son 'had fear in his face' moments before he was tasered

The mother of a young man who died after police used a Taser on him has been talking of his last moments.

Jordan Begley's mother Dorothy dialled 999 and called for help after her son was falsely accused of theft by a neighbour.

Hours later the 23-year-old from Gorton was dead.

Our correspondent, Matt O'Donoghue has been in court


Watch: Taser inquest mother saw fear in her son's face moments before he was shot

An inquest's opened into the death of Jordan Begley. He died in hospital two hours after he was tasered by police called to his home in Manchester. Today the jury were taken on a site visit of the scene - the home he shared with his family.

The officer said to have pulled the trigger, and four others, all serving with Greater Manchester Police are expected to give evidence.

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