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Boy, 5, hit by brick on bus

Police are appealing for witnesses after a brick was thrown through a bus window and hit a child on the head. It happened last month on the 205 bus to Gorton as it was travelling along Belle Vue Street. The brick smashed one of the back windows and hit a five-year old boy at the side of the head.

The two offenders have shown no thought or disregard for anyone who has been on the bus and for reasons only they know, have launched a brick through the window. “To make matters even worse, it hit a five-year-old boy at the side of the head. Thankfully, he suffered a minor cut but we could have been dealing with something even more horrendous. “I would ask anyone who may have seen two people in their mid-teens either throwing the brick or running away from the scene to contact us as soon as possible.”

– Police Constable Alex Vernon

"Triad" goes missing after mystery calls to police

Ming Yu Credit: GMP

Police have released the last images of a missing man who vanished from the Gorton area of Manchester after numerous anonymous 999 calls. Officers say the 31 year old is a member of the Triad group and is involved in criminal activities.

Just after 7.15pm on Friday 20 September, police received several 999 calls from an anonymous man on a poor line. The content of the calls suggested that he felt he would come to harm and was near an Aldi on Hyde Road.


Officers now believe the man is called Ming Yu who is from the Clayton/Gorton area of Manchester. CCTV has been analysed and the last confirmed sighting of Mr Yu is at 7.08pm on 20 September 2013 in the car park of Aldi on Garrett Way in Gorton.

Superintendent Alex Millett from the Serious Organised Crime Group said: “Mr Yu is part of a well-known Triad group and we are aware that he has been involved in criminality in the area. However, this does not change the fact that he has disappeared and we are concerned for his welfare.


“Studying the CCTV, it is clear he walks into Aldi on Garrett Way at around 6.45pm, buys his shopping and then walks out.

“It is then unclear what happens as Mr Yu is then spotted standing in the car park at 7.08pm without any of his shopping bags. We do not know whether he dropped his bags off somewhere and this is the last time he is seen alive.

“From the information we managed to gather from the 999 calls, we believe that Mr Yu may have come to harm. We have launched an investigation to try and find him but we are also urging members of the public, particularly members of the Chinese community, to come forward with information.



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