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Rescued seal exhausted but may still return to its natural habitat

The seal was found in a field in Newton le Willows Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

A seal rescued from a field in Newton le Willows has been described as exhausted and is now being assessed at a wildlife centre.

Police, fire officers and a local farmer earlier herded the seal onto an RSPCA trailer.

The seal has now been taken to the RSPCA's wildlife hospital in Stapley Grange, Nantwich, for assessment.

Once fully recovered they hope to release the seal back into its natural habitat.


Don't wash your turkey says University of Manchester study

Credit: PA Images

Nearly half of home cooks still wash their Christmas turkeys despite the increased risk of food poisoning it creates, according to a University of Manchester study.

An online national survey of almost 900 people also found that men who took charge of preparing the family bird were more likely to contravene the advice of the Food Standards Agency, which warns washing can cause harmful bacteria to spread.

The study found that 48.6% of respondents always or usually washed their turkey under the tap, while only 41% said they never washed the festive poultry.

Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

The survey was led by Professor Dan Rigby, at The University of Manchester, and Professor Sarah O'Brien, of The University of Liverpool.

Prof Rigby, a lecturer in environmental economics, said: "Washing poultry is often said to be something that older people were brought up doing, but the survey showed that it is 18 to 34-year-olds who are most likely to wash their turkey this Christmas. We also found that men were more likely to wash the turkey than women.

"People are underestimating the level of contamination. Despite years of information campaigns against washing poultry, the habit seems hard to kick for many and the findings of our survey suggest this is not just an older generation habit that will fade away.

"Christmas is one of the most pressured days for home cooks to deliver a great meal but people are still not getting the food hygiene message around turkeys - the centrepiece of the meal. The message is simple: wash your hands, not your bird."


Rescue operation underway for stranded seal in Cheshire field

Seal found in St Helens field Credit: Karen Johnson

A rescue is underway for a seal found in a field near Newton le Willows in Cheshire.

A dog walker came across the seal in the middle of a field at Red Bank Farm.

Police are at the scene to contain the seal Credit: Karen Johnson

Police say they have contained the seal and representatives from the British Diver Marine Life Rescue Service are making their way to the scene.

It's believed the seal arrived in the field via a stream.

Crolla aiming for strong comeback

World title hopeful Anthony Crolla has vowed to make a comeback next year after a brutal attack left his career in the balance.

The Mancunian was left with a fractured skull and broken ankle after pursuing two men who he saw in his garden after hearing his neighbour's burglar alarm going off last week.

His long-awaited world title shot against Richard Abril on January 23 was scrapped and his trainer Joe Gallagher admitted he was unsure whether the likeable fighter would even be able to box again.

But Crolla announced on Twitter on Sunday night to thank people for their support, and he promised to "be back stronger than ever in 2015".

Police said on Friday that a 17-year-old boy was being questioned in custody on suspicion of burglary, assault and possession with intent to supply drugs in connection with the incident.

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