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A footballing labour of love

Chris Smith from Altrincham has developed an unusual obsession. He's combining his love of football and Lego. And for the last 3 years he's been building models of British football stadia out of toy bricks. So far he's built 40 out of the 92 Football league clubs including Preston North End's Deepdale, which he says was challenging getting faces laser printed onto the bricks.

Deepdale Stadium. Credit: Chris Smith
Blackpool FC's Bloomfield Road. Credit: Chris Smith


  1. Sarah Rogers, ITV News

North West drivers could face a 'toxin tax' of £20 a day for driving a diesel car

Drivers of some diesel vehicles in the north west are about to find out if they face paying a new tax of up to £20 a day.

It comes amid concern over air pollution.

The suggestion is that diesel vehicles, once promoted as having fewer emissions, are partly to blame.

A scheme to scrap your car altogether is also a possibility, although the government says we'll have to wait until Monday for details.

Sarah Rogers reports:


Gorton by election may be delayed

Voters in Gorton may have to wait a month for the by election Credit: PA

Voters in Manchester Gorton face waiting an extra month to elect their new MP, with May's by-election likely to be scrapped.

Commons Leader David Lidington said he expected the planned May 4 vote not to take place.

Under the timetable for Theresa May's snap general election, Parliament will be dissolved on May 3 - meaning there would be no House of Commons for an MP to be elected to.

Downing Street had originally indicated that it expected the by-election, triggered by the death of Labour veteran Sir Gerald Kaufman, to go ahead.

But Mr Lidington said he expected the returning officer in Manchester Gorton to cancel the poll, with the general election expected on June 8.

There is no statutory provision that provides for the cancellation of a by-election when a general election is in progress.

It is up to the judgment of the acting returning officer, whom one might expect to regard the by-election writ as having been superseded.

This was the course of action taken by the acting returning officer in the one precedent that I found, which is dating back to November 1923.

– David Lidington, Commons Leader

Local people gave the news a mixed reception

It's Parliament arguing about it now, I think they're dragging it out.

I think they'd get the same result in both elections anyway.

– Glenda Breame,

I think they should just go ahead with it and elect a member of parliament.

They need to get on with it now.

– Saima Choudry,

I wouldn't like Theresa May's job.

It all seems very chaotic at the moment so this doesn't surprise me.

– Lorna Scott
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