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Bin the Blade campaign nets 1500 knives in Greater Manchester

Police seize 1500 knives and sharp weapons Credit: PA

Greater Manchester Police has taken over 1500 knives and other sharp weapons off the streets during the ‘Bin the Blade’ knife surrender.

They range from domestic kitchen knives to swords, axes and hunting blades. The most unusual items include wartime cut-throat razors, a small knife in the shape of a shotgun cartridge and a number of ornamental daggers.

The campaign is part of the ‘Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife’ initiative. Surrendered knives will be used to create a spectacular 15-24 feet tall Angel statue in memory of those whose lives have been tragically lost to knife crime.

Bin the Blade success in Greater Manchester Credit: PA

We will continue to work hard to make the streets safer and will take strong action against anyone who carries a knife and believes they are above the law.

We are extremely proud of the people of Greater Manchester for their support. I look forward to seeing the resulting sculpture, a fitting memorial to people whose lives have been taken through violent crime.

– Detective Chief Inspector Debbie Dooley of the Xcalibre Task Force

Knife crime causes misery to victims, their loved ones and the wider communities so it’s good news that so many weapons have been handed in and are no longer on the streets of Greater Manchester.

– “Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jim Battle

Nine in 10 want action to protect young from alcohol

Young people need to be protected from alcohol - Drink Wise survey Credit: PA

Nine out of ten people in the North West want the government to do more to protect young people from alcohol that's according to a survey by Drink Wise. The findings will be presented at Downing Street today by the South Manchester Liberal Democrat MP John Leech and Drink Wise director Hazel Parsons.

2550 people across the region were interviewed.

· 89% of respondents said the government needed to do more to protect young people from alcohol

· 88% of respondents said the government needed to restrict alcohol marketing to young people

The research from Drink Wise’s highlights a high level of public concern about the effects of alcohol on children. I call on the government to look again at the effectiveness of their strategies for tackling these problems.

– South Manchester Liberal Democrat MP John Leech MP

Today is all about making it clear to the Government the grave and growing concerns we have about children’s exposure to alcohol, and the fact that these concerns are shared by the vast majority of the people we spoke to in the North West. Our research shows two million children are harmed by someone else’s drinking, and 15 children a day are being hospitalised because of alcohol – hundreds of those as young as 11. It’s time for the government to look again at alcohol, and wake up to the scale of this problem. It urgently needs to look seriously at restricting alcohol marketing – and end the pocket money pricing of alcohol.

– Director of Drink Wise Hazel Parsons


  1. Elaine Willcox - ITV CORRESPONDENT

'Broken contract' between maternity unit and patients

The Kirkup report found 11 babies and one mother died following "a lethal mix" of failures in a "seriously dysfunctional" maternity unit at Furness General Hospital.

ITV Granada Correspondent Elaine Willcox has followed this story from the beginning and looks at the findings of the report and how it investigated ''the broken contract'' between a hospital and the people in its care.

Grieving father asks why hospital staff failed to speak out

James Titcombe's baby son Joshua died after an infection which could have been treated.

He's angry staff at the hospital failed to speak out after the failures.

But he hopes the legacy of Joshua's death and others at Furness General, will make the whole of maternity services safer in the future.

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