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Oldham to unveil new name for gritter

Oldham's new gritter. Credit: Oldham Council.

Oldham council will reveal the public's choice for the name of it's new gritter later.

Hundreds of people have made suggestions for the vehicle which will make the roads safe in icy conditions.

It's not the first time Oldham Council have left the naming of gritters to the public vote.

One of its current fleet is named "Freddie Salted".

Among the names suggested are Gritney Spears, Usain Salt and Brad Grit.

  1. Ashley Derricott

WATCH: More former footballers come forward with allegations, one names his abuser

The former footballer who was among the first to come forward with claims of historical child sex abuse in the game, has been told the man who allegedly assaulted him is dead.

Paul Stewart, who played for Liverpool and Manchester City, says he's sorry Frank Roper won't face justice.

In a separate development Greater Manchester Police have announced they're now investigating reports of sexual abuse in football from 35 people.

They say they've identified 10 suspects.


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