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Inquests hear 'gate had been forced' at Hillsborough

A jury has been hearing that the police officer in charge at Hillsborough told the Football Association that a gate had been forced, and that an in-rush of Liverpool supporters had caused casualties.

A former FA press officer has been giving evidence at the fresh inquests on the 96 fans who lost their lives.


Ground commander's best "wasn't good enough"

Superintendent Roger Greenwood Credit: ITV Granada

A senior police officer has told a court that his best efforts at the Hillsborough disaster were not good enough. Ground commander Superintendent Roger Greenwood told the fresh inquests into the deaths of 96 men, women and children that police could not resolve the situation on the terraces.

Asked about breaking down on his first day of evidence, the witness said: "I feel as if I should apologise. That’s the way it is."

Mr Greenwood agreed with his lawyer that it was a matter of profound regret that he could not do more during the 1989 disaster.

The retired officer added that accusations that he was grossly incompetent created "sensational headlines" and he could think of no worse criticism on somebody's professional acumen.

Senior officer denies 'incompetence' at Hillsborough

A retired senior South Yorkshire police officer has told a court that he didn't fail in his duties on the day of the Hillsborough disaster.

Giving evidence for a third day at the fresh inquests into the 1989 tragedy, Roger Greenwood refuted that he was "incompetent on a grand scale."

The former superintendent said he wishes there was more the police could have done.

Hillsborough Inquests - senior officer 'I have no wish to try and blame'


  1. Andy Bonner, Hillsborough Correspondent

Report: Greenwood tells Hillsborough inquests "I knew it wasn't a pitch invasion"

The man who called off the match as the Hillsborough disaster unfolded has told the inquests that he knew it wasn't a pitch invasion.

Superintendent Roger Greenwood said it was too early in the game so it had to be something else.

The court heard he saw supporters squashed against the fencing and pulled a fan from the pen.

But he said he thought the situation at that time was still recoverable.

Andy Bonner reports from the inquests in Warrington:

Greenwood tells Hillsborough jury: "I was determined that the match had to be stopped"

Roger Greenwood continues evidence at Hillsborough inquests

Ground commander: Nothing done between 1988-89 to resolve problems with police radios

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