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Families say inquiry is taking too long

It's emerged that another 74 statements from police and also witness accounts from the Hillsborough Disaster may have been tampered with.

The police watchdog the IPCC said the new information came to light after more notebooks were handed in by South Yorkshire Police.

Meanwhile a group of Hillsborough families came together in Liverpool to say they felt the IPCC inquiry into the Hillsborough cover-up was taking too long.


Hillsborough families voice concerns

Families of Hillsborough victims are voicing concerns today over progress made since

an independent panel ruled there was a massive cover up following the disaster.

It's exactly 12 months tomorrow since it's findings sparked fresh inquests.

Crown Prosecutors had promised to oversee investigations by the police watchdog the IPCC and proceedings of a wider inquiry.

Hillsborough Independent Panel at the Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral last year Credit: Peter Byrne/PA

Hillsborough Independent Panel release statement

The Hillsborough Independent Panel is now approaching the completion of its work of securing maximum possible disclosure of documents relating to the disaster and its aftermath.

Disclosure, as it has been made clear, will be first to the Hillsborough families and then to the wider public.

The Independent Panel has accessed and analysed documents from over 80 organisations and running to over 400,000 pages.

The Panel is on course to achieve this and announces today that the disclosure to families will take place on Wednesday 12 September in Liverpool.

– Hillsborough Independent Panel statement