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UKIP leader Paul Nuttall faces party conference in Bolton

Paul Nuttall Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire/PA Images

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall will face his party for the first time today since the revelations of false claims made about Hillsborough.

The party faithful will be in Bolton as the UKP Party Conference gets underway.

Mr Nuttall came under fire after he was forced to apologise about false claims that he lost close personal friends in the disaster.

They were posted on his website, though UKIP press officer Lynda Roughley has said she was "entirely responsible" for the website post and had offered her resignation.

Mr. Nuttall is just days away from contesting a Parliamentary by-election in Stoke-on-Trent,


Watch: Ukip's Paul Nuttall is under increasing pressure over Hillsborough 'lies'

There is growing pressure on the UKIP party leader Paul Nuttall after it was revealed claims he made about losing a close friend at Hillsborough were false.

Mr Nuttall has apologised, and said he hadn't read the claims on his website.

Meanwhile, UKIP's financial backer, the businessman Arron Banks, has been tweeting about it claiming the families have been milking the disaster and he describes it as an accident.

Our correspondent Elaine Willcox has tonight's top story.

Ukip donor says he's "sick to death of hearing about" Hillsborough

Ukip donor Arron Banks has Tweeted a bizarre string of comments about the Hillsborough disaster.

It comes after Ukip leader Paul Nuttall admitted that he didn't have close friends who died at the disaster.

Credit: Twitter/Arron Banks
Credit: Twitter/Arron Banks
Credit: Twitter/Arron Banks

Steve Kelly, who lost his brother Michael at the Hillsborough disaster said:

I'm appalled by Nuttall's comments. If he was there why didn't he support the campaigning for answers.

I also finds Arron Banks's comments hugely offensive and ill informed.

At a time when the families of the victims are waiting to see whether the Crown Prosecution Service will prosecute those responsible, comments like these are not helpful

– Steve Kelly


BREAKING: Liverpool FC has officially banned all The Sun journalists from Anfield

Credit: Twitter/The Sun

The Sun newspaper has confirmed that Liverpool FC has banned its journalists from Anfield and has withdrawn accreditation.

The Sun has been widely boycotted in Liverpool due to its reporting of the city's football fans' behaviour at the Hillsborough disaster.

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The Premier League club's boss Jürgen Klopp told reporters:

I don't talk with The Sun anymore.

– Jürgen Klopp

In a statement, the newspaper said:

The Sun and Liverpool FC have had a solid working relationship for the 28 years since the Hillsborough tragedy. Banning journalists from a club is bad for fans and bad for football. The Sun can reassure readers this won’t affect our full football coverage.

The Sun deeply regrets its reporting of the tragic events at Hillsborough and understands the damage caused by those reports is still felt by many in the city.

A new generation of journalists on the paper congratulate the families on the hard fought victory they have achieved through the inquest. It is to their credit that the truth has emerged and, whilst we can’t undo the damage done, we would like to further a dialogue with the city and to show that the paper has respect for the people of Liverpool.

– The Sun

The newspaper’s ‘The Truth’ front page in 1989 falsely alleged that Liverpool fans stole from the dead and obstructed the emergency services.

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