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  1. Daniel Hewitt - Political Reporter

MPs vote in favour of HS2

34 MPs voted against plans to begin the process of starting the rail project. They were debating whether or not to release funds to pay for surveys, buy property and compensate evicted residents. 350 voted in favour.

I understand Tory MP for Bury North David Nuttall voted against the government.

HS2 plans for Manchester to be displayed at exhibition

Artist's impressions of HS2 at Piccadilly Station Credit: Bennetts Associates

An exhibition showing detailed plans for the proposed high speed rail link from London to Manchester opens today.

HS2 will link the cities in the second phase of the scheme which is due to open in 21 years time.

The HS2 Growth Taskforce will be in Manchester as part of a series of roadshows designed to ensure regions maximise the benefits of high speed rail.


TaxPayers' Alliance say more coaches instead of HS2

The HS2 rail link would speed up journeys between London and the North. Credit: Press Association

The Taxpayers' Alliance says more coaches should be way forward rather than the HS2 rail link, which would speed up journeys between London and the North.

Matthew Sinclair, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said:

"As the projected costs have increased dramatically, the already fragile case for HS2 has completely disintegrated.

"There are far cheaper and better ways of substantially increasing capacity much more quickly on the route, not least by reducing the number of first class carriages and lengthening the trains."

Mersey focus on HS2

HS2: Faster links 'just part of the picture'

Talks take place later on the impact the High Speed rail link could have on Merseyside. A meeting between the HS2 board and regional leaders will look at the effect on freight travel in particular.

It is only the second time that the board has held such a meeting outside London and the first location where a direct high speed link is not currently planned.

Merseytravel Chair, Cllr Liam Robinson, said: "Better, faster, more reliable links through HS2 are welcome, but that is just part of the picture.

"Just as important is the additional transport development it will stimulate and the benefits it will bring to existing networks, helping raise the aspirations of the City Region's economic growth plan."

Images revealed of revamped Piccadilly station - the new look station centres around the new HS2 terminal

Images of how Piccadilly could look with the arrival of HS2 Credit: Bennetts Associates
Images of how Piccadilly could look with the arrival of HS2 Credit: Bennetts Associates

Planners want to create a new ‘gateway quarter’ modelled on Amsterdam and New York, centred around a new high-speed rail link terminal.

Ambitious plans revealed to revamp Piccadilly Station in Manchester Credit: Bennetts Associates


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Report: HS2 'defies logic' after cost doubles to £80bn

The report's estimated cost of building HS2 vastly exceeds the Department of Transport's upgraded figure of £43 billion. Credit: Department for Transport

The estimated cost of building the controversial High Speed 2 rail network, which will travel through parts of Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire has doubled to at least £80 billion, The Sunday Telegraph has reported.

A 58-page independent report by the Institute of Economic Affairs, due out tomorrow, will say that the spiralling cost of construction means HS2 now "defies economic logic" and should be cancelled.

The institute's report also apparently claims the £80 billion cost of HS2 could create "£320 billion of economic value" if it were invested in road, rail or other transport projects instead.

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HS2 aiming for 'minimal disruption' in construction

"All construction access routes" have been considered as part of plans for the HS2 rail route, a project spokesman has told the Mail on Sunday, in response to campaigners' claims of widespread disruption.

He said the public had been consulted on the matter and offered the chance to "express potential concerns or suggest alternatives" and would continue to be involved.

We have sought to provide construction access with minimal disruption and will continue to work with local communities to take on board their views.

In developing the subsequent formal Environmental Statement, we will be considering how we can further reduce any adverse impacts.

– HS2 spokesman
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'Half a million' affected by HS2 rail project construction

The HS2 project is attempting to quicken journey times between the UK's major cities. Credit: HS2/PA

The construction of the HS2 rail project will affect the lives of more than half a million people across Middle England, campaigners have said, including those living up to 25 miles from the controversial train route.

They say towns along a 40 mile wide corridor through Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire will be affected by the millions of extra lorry journeys during the building process.

The estimations by the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) come from analysis of information it requested from the HS2 project.

Campaigner Ralph Smyth condemned HS2 for its reluctance to hand over the information, saying: "It is not acceptable that it took a charity to uncover this."

North West business leaders to join HS2 panel

Business leaders from the North West have joined a panel set up by the government to look into the impact of the proposed High Speed 2 rail project.

The government believes HS2, which is expected to slash journey times between London and the north west, will create thousands of jobs.

However campaigners have protested about the lasting effect the proposed line will have on the enviroment.

Lord Deighton ,Commercial Secretary to the Treasury

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