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EU Referendum - what do you care most about?

The result of the vote will be announced in Manchester Credit: PA

On June 23rd, you will be asked to vote on Britain's membership of the European Union - Remain or Leave?

In the build up to the EU referendum, we are asking what single issue you care most about when it comes to deciding how you will vote.

Take part in a poll below, and we will use what you tell us to inform our coverage on Granada Reports between now and the big day.

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Illegal worker was just 'a friend' having 'free pizza', says kebab house manager

The Santos Kebab House Credit: Google Street View

The manager of a kebab house, where immigration officials found an illegal worker, insists the arrested man was merely "a friend".

Taha Kader, from the Santos Kebab House on Old Bury Road in Salford, has told ITV News that the arrest was "a mistake".

Mr Kader says that the 35-year-old Iraqi was not a member of staff. Mr Kader says the man just "came in to have a free pizza".

The Iraqi is now on bail over a "breach" of his visa, but could be deported if he is not found to have leave to remain.

The Mogul Restaurant in Whitefield Credit: Google Street View

Checks were also made at the Mogul Restaurant on Sefton Street in Whitefield, after officials received intelligence on its staff.

The Home Office say two men were arrested for working illegally. The 28-year-old and a 42-year-old were both from Pakistan.

A member of staff at the Mogul said no one was available to comment. He told ITV News that the owner was not at the premises and employees had no contact details for him.

Both businesses could face substantial fines.

Immigration checks find illegal workers

Police have arrested three illegal workers, after checks on businesses in Greater Manchester last night.

Immigration officials found two Pakistani men, who had overstayed their visas, at the Moghul Restaurant on Sefton Street in Whitefield. The pair, aged 28 and 42, will be deported.

Officials also found an Iraqi man at the Santos Kebab House, Old Bury Road, Salford, who they believe was working "in breach" of his visa conditions. The Home Office say the 35-year-old will also face deportation if has no leave to remain.

Both restaurants could be fined £10,000 per illegal worker, unless they can prove right-to-work checks were carried out.