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  1. Helen McKenna

Same sex marriage Bill put forward again on Isle of Man

Chief Minister Allan Bell spoke strongly in favour of the Bill yesterday in the House of Keys Credit: ITV

A second reading has taken place on the Isle of Man to legalise a same sex marriage Bill.

Chief Minister Allan Bell spoke in the House of Keys yesterday to outline why the island's government, Tynwald, should vote in favour of the legislation.

MHKs who opposed the Bill included Eddie Teare, John Houghton, Zac Hall and Chris Robertshaw.

Numerous online petitions in favour of the Bill have been shared on social media via

To view the Bill, visit

The fact that same sex couples can marry will have absolutely no effect on another person's marriage, the Church of England and many other religious bodies. We'll continue to maintain their view on what constitutes a marriage as only being a marriage between a man and a woman.

– Chief Minister Allan Bell

Watch: Could driverless cars be made on the Isle of Man?

The days of driverless cars are almost upon us as big manufacturers are spending a lot of money developing an idea that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago.

And now the Isle of Man may be where such cars are tested. Manx officials believe it could bring investment from across the globe onto the island.

Our correspondent Rob Smith reports.


  1. Helen McKenna

Police appeal for witnesses after 16-year-old boy injured in Isle of Man explosion

Nobles Hospital Credit: Helen McKenna

Police on the Isle of Man are requesting information from residents in relation to an explosion in Ramsey last night.

At approximately 10pm, police and emergency services attended an address in north Ramsey, following a report of a 16-year-old boy receiving abdominal injuries as the result of an explosion.

The boy was taken to Nobles Hospital for treatment. His injuries were not life threatening and he was detained overnight and sent home today.

Police inquiries are continuing and there are indicators that the boy and another youth had been in possession of firearm ammunition.

Unrelated to this event, a wartime grenade was washed up on the beach in Ramsey last week, with the Royal Navy assisting the Isle of Man Coastguard to remove the grenade.

If you find any item that you suspect is either ammunition or a firearm, police advice is don’t touch it, retreat to a safe distance and call the police on 999.

The police and Coastguard have procedures in place to deal with old or abandoned ordinance. Old ammunition in particular can become unstable.

"We are seeking establish where the ammunition came from, and whether any offences have been committed in relation to it.

"Firearms, or regulated weapons holders have to comply with certain conditions concerning security of their weapons, we would ask that certificate holders check their arrangements regularly to ensure that standards are maintained."

– Andy Kneen, Inspector for North, South and Western Policing teams

Actor wants Isle of Man to have a say on EU membership

Actor John Rhys-Davies wants EU referendum extended to IOM Credit: PA

A star of the Lord of the Rings films is launching a petition to extend the EU referendum to include the Isle of Man.

John Rhys-Davies lives on the island and he wants the Isle of man and other British Crown Dependencies to get a say.

If the petition gains a hundred thousand signatures it could be debated in Parliament.

He says that he wants Isle of Man residents to have the same rights as those living in the UK because any changes will affect the island on a big scale.


Horse tram services scrapped after nearly 140 years

The council said a proposal to finance building redevelopment and the tram service with a 30 year loan worth £4.8m was not viable. Credit: Manx Museum

Horse tram services on the Isle of Man have been scrapped just months before their 140th anniversary.

Douglas Council says a plan to fund the scheme with a 30 year loan was not financially viable. The tramway horses will be sent to new homes while the rolling stock will be offered to the island's museums.

  • Cllr David Christian, Leader of Douglas Borough Council
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