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IoM Gov proposes increase to minimum wage

Credit: PA images

The Isle of Man's parliament is due to approve an increase in the minimum wage later this month.

It follows recommendations from the Minimum Wage Committee to the Department for Enterprise.

Changes include removing the different wage rates for those aged 18 to 20 and 21 to 24, so that the main rate will apply to all over 18.

Other proposals are:

  • the hourly rate for employees over compulsory school age but not yet 18 would increase by 15p from £5.70 to £5.85.
  • the main rate of minimum wage for workers aged over 18 will be £7.85 an hour, an increase of 35p for workers over 25 years, 65p for workers aged 21 to 24, and £1 for workers aged 18 to 20.

If approved by Tynwald, the new rates would take effect from 1st October.

The recommendations to Tynwald are put forward in the spirit of fairness and equality as we continue to position the Isle of Man as a progressive, diverse, and attractive place to live and work. The simplification of the different minimum wage rates will also support our Island’s drive to attract and retain more young workers as well as streamlining the guidelines for employers.

– Laurence Skelly MHK, Minister for Enterprise


IoM residents reassured red parts of sea is 'natural phenomenon'

Noctiluca scintillans in Douglas Bay Credit: IOM Gov

Residents on the Isle of Man are being told not to worry about parts of the sea around the coast appearing red.

Particularly at Douglas, Laxey and Ramsey bays a natural phenomenon is occuring, called 'noctiluca scintillans'.

Scientists at the IOM Government Laboratory, operated by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, have analysed samples and confirmed the discolouration is caused by a type of algae.

Whilst non-toxic, it is possible that dense blooms will also congregate other organisms such as jellyfish which will feed on noctiluca.

The public are therefore advised to avoid swimming through patches of water that are clearly discoloured.


'Our tribute to a top lad': Isle of Man TT rider remembered in The Killers cover

Juan and Jo Callister recorded the cover of the famous song by The Killers in memory of Dan Kneen Credit: Jonathan Woodward, Facebook

A couple from the Isle of Man have paid tribute to a Manx TT rider who passed away last month via a cover song by The Killers.

Juan and Jo Callister recorded their own version of 'Human' by the American rock band, replacing some of the lyrics to commemorate 30-year-old Dan Kneen.

Hundreds of people took part in a memorial lap on Saturday morning to pay tribute to the popular rider.

Jonathan Woodward shared the version via Facebook.

Bit of a long story this but years ago on a night out during TT with Dan, Human by the Killers was playing, and some lads who had been at the NW200 that year with him starting substituting 'Dancer' for 'Dan Kneen' while singing along to the song. Ever since then, every time we hear Human on the radio we have sung 'Dan Kneen' instead of 'Dancer' and the lyrics developed from there. Juan Callister and Jo Callister generously said they'd record it, and here is the product of that. Our little tribute to a top lad.

– Jonathan Woodward, Facebook

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