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Man speaks about abuse he suffered at hands of Savile

A man who suffered abuse at the hands of Jimmy Savile has spoken to ITV Granada Reports about his experience.

The man, whose identity has been protected, says the television presenter picked him out on a visit to the Broome House children's home in Manchester in the 1970s.

He, and a leading victims' solicitor, have both raised concerns about a deadline for victims of historical sexual abuse to make claims for damages, which expires next month.

Our correspondent Rob Smith reports.

Former children's home in Savile investigation filmed in the 1960s

A former children's home, under investigation over allegations Jimmy Savile abused its residents, was filmed for an ITV documentary in the decade the allegations date back to.

Broome House, in Manchester's Didsbury, featured in "This Is England" in the 1960s.

The now closed institution has been named as one of three children's homes under investigation in the city.


Lawyer for Savile victims welcomes new children's homes investigation

A lawyer representing 140 victims of disgraced television presenter Jimmy Savile welcomes announcement that 20 children's homes and schools are to be investigated.

They include 3 former children's homes in Manchester.

"We welcome any investigation that will uncover further how widespread Savile's abuse was. It is important that we know exactly when, where and how this predatory paedophile committed his horrific crimes.

"Mr Gove's announcement comes in the same week that he said in the Commons Government would investigate the possibility of introducing mandatory reporting for heads of institutions where children and the vulnerable are cared for.

"It is frankly shocking that people in authority who become aware of abuse are still not committing a crime if they decide to cover it up."

– Alan Collins, Slater and Gordon

Three Manchester children's homes investigated in Savile inquiry

Jimmy Savile Credit: Peter Jordan/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Three Manchester children's homes are being investigated in the inquiry into abuse carried out by the disgraced television presenter Jimmy Savile.

The Sarah Laski Home, Broome House, which are both closed and another unnamed children's home are part of 20 homes and schools where it's claimed Savile abused children. The allegations date back to the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Education Secretary Michael Gove has confirmed local authorities and other relevant institutions have been asked to further investigate the claims.


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Police chief: Savile case could happen all over again

Sir Peter Fahy, the chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, has echoed the warning in today’s HMIC report into Jimmy Savile that a failure to share intelligence on a prolific offender could happen again.

He also criticised searching for individual members of staff to blame rather than “addressing some of the fundamental underlying issues".

Although we now have had a police national database operational since 2011 to enable forces to share intelligence it has to be acknowledged that having 43 separate police forces in England and Wales and no national headquarters for policing makes achieving consistent national standards all the more difficult...

When links are identified which cross force boundaries and periods of time there are some inevitable tensions in deciding which force will take on the investigation...

There is little public support for a national police force as is being created in Scotland but while localism has many strengths it does make it more difficult when cases cross boundaries and when we are trying to achieve national standards.

– Sir Peter Fahy, chief constable of Greater Manchester Police
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