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  1. Andy Bonner

Liverpool choirboy set to hit the "heavenly hights"

A cathedral choirboy has become the youngest ever solo artist to sign a contract with Decca Records.

Jack Topping is just 11, yet he's already become an ambassador for an international charity and his debut album has already been tipped to top the charts

And it hasn't even been released yet.

Andy Bonner went to Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral to meet the rising star:-


Parents march to save Merseyside school

Parents and Pupils demonstrate to save Christ the King School in Huyton Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Parents fighting to save school in Huyton are marching on Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral to hand in a petition.

Christ the King School opened just 4 years ago it was the first of 7 new secondary schools labelled specialist "centres of learning" by Knowsley council.

But they plan to close it in August.