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Dates set for Liverpool library consultation meetings

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Dates have been set for all of the public meetings regarding the future of 11 community libraries in Liverpool.

Four sessions will take place, each one looking at a selection of affected libraries:

  • Sefton Park and Wavertree libraries - Monday 6 October - 6pm to 8pm at The Conference Centre at LACE, Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park, L17 1AA.
  • Spellow, Walton and Fazakerley libraries - Wednesday 8 October, 6pm to 8pm, Alsop High School, Queen’s Drive, Walton, L4 6SH.
  • Old Swan, Dovecot and West Derby libraries - Monday 13 October, 6pm to 8pm Broadgreen International School, Queen’s Drive, L13 5UQ.
  • Kensington and Breck Road libraries - Wednesday 15 October, 6pm to 8pm Kensington Neighbourhood Health Centre, 157 Edge Lane, Kensington, L7 2PF.

The Library Service needs to reduce its budget by £2.5 million as part of the city council’s £156 million of savings needed over the next three years.

Liverpool entrepreneur in fashionable attack on 'no holidays in term time' rule

Entrepreneur and mother of six Amanda Moss says family time is becoming more fragmented

The founder of Liverpool Fashion Week has launched a controversial range of clothing to attack the education policy that fines parents who take children on holiday in term term time.

Amanda Moss a 43 year old business woman and mum of six says she's standing up to the tough line punishing parents for taking children on holiday in term time by designing a range of T-shirts featuring slogans like 'stop holiday price hikes’ and ‘The world: banned to British kids during term time’.

She says she wants to support the 70% of parents who cannot afford the inflated prices from travel companies during the school holidays.

‘Family comes first’ is the theme of this year’s Liverpool Fashion Week event, which for the first time will feature catwalk shows showing teenage and children’s fashion.

Liverpool Fashion Week is from the 13th until 17th October at Liverpool Football Club.

“I want to back like-minded parents who are unfairly at risk of getting criminal convictions for wanting to spend quality time with their children.

“Family time is becoming more fragmented but holidays are a good time to reconnect with each other and are important for children’s emotional and social development. Common sense must prevail.”

– Amanda Moss founder Liverpool Fashion Week


Training ship launched to stop drug traffickers

The Border force are launching a new training ship to stop millions of pounds worth of drugs entering the UK. The Atlea II will be officially opened in Liverpool today by Border Force Director General, Sir Charles Montgomery. The vessel which is moored in at the docks in the city, is specially adapted to train the National Deep Rummage Team (NDRT) and detection teams from around the world.

The specialist drug detection teams, which are based at Liverpool, are responsible for searching large commercial shipping vessels for drugs, cigarettes and other illegal goods,imported by organised crime gangs.

The teams are responsible for some of the country’s largest ever drug seizures and this year alone have detected almost 1300kg of cocaine with a street value worth in excess of £250 million.

Border Force’s specialist search teams play a critical role in disrupting organised crime gangs and their trade of illicit goods. Recognised as world leaders in their field, these teams operate in hazardous conditions to fight organised criminals at sea.

“Working closely with law enforcement agencies including the NCA, and drawing on intelligence, our officers stop hundreds of millions of pounds worth of drugs from reaching the UK’s streets, preventing drug trafficking and putting those responsible behind bars.”

– Border Force Director General, Sir Charles Montgomery

“Organised crime gangs often try and conceal drugs deep in the bowels of large vessels that are capable of carrying over 10,000 containers. The Altea II will further enhance the training for specialist officers to search and intercept illegal drugs from these huge ships, no matter the size.

“This specialist facility also gives our officers the opportunity to train other law enforcement teams from around the world. As the trade of drugs is an international problem, it is essential for us to share knowledge and experience wherever possible.”

– Paul Tunney, Head of the National Deep Rummage Team

In addition to the official naming of the Altea II, Sir Charles Montgomery will also be signing the deeds to the National Border Force Museum in Liverpool cementing Border Force’s relationship with the museum for the next 20 years.


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