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Giant Spectacular: Route maps and timings

Giant Spectacular
Credit: ITV Granada
Giant Spectacular route - Friday
Friday 25th July, Little Girl & Xolo 10:30am-8:00pm Credit: Giant Spectacular
Giant Spectacular - Saturday
Saturday 26th July Little Girl & Xolo 10:00am - 7:30pm Credit: Giant Spectacular
Giant Spectacular
Sunday 27th July Both Giants 10.00am - 12.00pm Credit: Giant Spectacular

To find out more about the Giant Spectacular event and check on all schedules you can click here to find out more details about road closures and timings over the weekend.


HMS Mersey sails in to Liverpool for a four day visit affiliation visit

HMS Mersey
HMS Mersey due in Liverpool for 4 day visit Credit: Ministry of Defence

The River Class patrol ship can be used for anything from fire-fighting to disaster relief operations, working at least 275 days a year at sea enforcing British and European fisheries law. The 80 metre ship has a crew of five officers and 24 senior and junior ratings and a range of 7,800 sea miles.

The jury in the Hillsborough inquests have been reminded they must "do their best to work together"

Lord Justice Goldring
Lord Justice Goldring Credit: PA

The coroner opened the 54th day of the hearing with a reminder to the seven women and four men.

Lord Justice Goldring told the group: "Juries are a random selection of members of the public of all background and ages. They have to work together in the interests of justice.

"A judge cannot lightly discharge a juror. That is particularly so in a case which is likely to take a long time. As I am confident will happen in this case, all members of the jury must do their best to work together. We shall, therefore, continue with the full complement of 11 jurors."

New World Record for Liverpool with largest ever tennis lesson trumping Judy Murray's record

The Liverpool Hope University International Tennis Tournament organisers invited local schools to take part in the record attempt on June 18 at Liverpool Cricket Club.

Liverpool Hope University Tennis Tournament
New World Record set for biggest tennis lesson in Liverpool Credit: Kenyon Fraser

680 children took part in the lesson which beat the current record set in March by Judy Murray of 406. The record has now been verified by the Guinness World Records and Barry Cowan, Merseyside's own Wimbledon legend said it was a proud day to be able to set the new record in his home city.


Giant puppets are a massive coup - Liverpool Mayor

Liverpool Mayor
Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson show will be memorable, moving and magical. Credit: Liverpool Council

It is a massive coup that these street-theatre legends who are apporached on a daily basis to perform by cities all over the world are eager to return to Liverpool once again.

KIt will transport Liverpool 100 years into the past back to a time when the world was on the cusp of changing forever. How Liverpool was affected and how the people of the city respondedto the outbreak of war will be played out on the streets before our eyes.

It will shine a light on an incredible time on our history and the show will be memorable, moving and magical.

– Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson

Giants staging spectacular wartime show in Liverpool

Little girl giant
Little girl giant is 18ft tall Credit: Liverpool council

Liverpool is staging a massive spectacle this week to mark 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War. And the good news is it brings back the Giant puppets from Royal de Luxe - the famous French Street Theatre Group.

They include the hugely popular little girl giant and her playful companion - the dog Xolo who stands 9ft tall. He's the fastest puppet of them all and can travel 4km an hour through the city's streets. It takes 20 puppeteers to operate him.

Giant dog puppet
Xolo the 9ft tall dog is made of steel and papier mache Credit: Liverpool council

But this time around for Memories of August 1914 the real star of the show is the Grandmother. She's 85 and is described as tough, daring and mischievous but full of tenderness.

Giant puppet
The Giant Grandmother needs 20 people to operate her. Credit: Liverpool Council

Her steps are small, she needs a walking stick and her body sways dis-jointed by age. She lives in a wheelchair and her veiny hands are partially affected by arthritis. But the poignant and entertaining story follows her past and present. Last time the Giants were in Liverpool it was in 2012 to mark 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic. They attracted 800,000 spectators.

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