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Men wanted over jewellery theft in Scotland

Images of two men wanted in connection with a jewellery theft in Scotland have been released by Merseyside Police. It is believed the suspects are from Liverpool.

The first man is described as white, about 5”11. Credit: Merseyside Police
He was wearing a distinctive deer stalker hat lined with fur. Credit: Merseyside Police
The second man is described as white, 5”8, slim build. Credit: Merseyside Police



Hospital problems shouldn't get 'swept under the carpet'

A day after it was revealed failings led to the unnecessary deaths of 11 babies and one mother, attention is now turning to the future of the maternity unit at Furness General.

David Cameron told parliament during Prime Minister's Question Time that following the Morecambe report it is important that problems don't get 'swept under the carpet'.

Manchester Police say terror investigation saved hundreds of lives

Responding to the conviction of Abid Naseer in New York for a terrorist plot to bomb sites in Greater Manchester, Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd said:

"The work by police and security services in this case has been tremendous. This investigation ensured that potentially hundreds of people were not killed on the streets of Greater Manchester. I have no doubt that lives were saved.

"However there are real questions that need to be answered about why Abid Naseer had to be tried in a court in New York rather than here in Britain. His conviction shows there was a strong and compelling case that he is a dangerous terrorist, which is why he is likely to rightly serve a long sentence.

"But we should not have had to wait for the Americans to step in to extradite Abid Naseer. The public will want to know why he wasn't brought to trial here.

"The reality is that, had the Americans not acted, a dangerous man who was intent on causing death and destruction here in Greater Manchester could potentially still be walking our streets. This is deeply worrying and I will be raising this issue with the Home Secretary because we need real assurances that whatever went wrong here is never repeated."

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