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Region's universities increase number of firsts awarded

Here is a full list of the proportion of degrees awarded as firsts by higher education institutions in the academic year 2015/16.

The institutions are ranked according to the change in the proportion of degrees awarded between 2010/11 and 2015/16, starting with the biggest increase.

The table reads, from left to right: name of institution; proportion of degrees awarded as firsts in 2010/11; proportion of degrees awarded as first in 2015/16; change in percentage points.

All figures have been rounded to one decimal place and the calculations exclude degrees that were rated as unclassified.

The list includes only those institutions for which comparable figures are available.All data has been compiled from information supplied by the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

  • Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts 14.6% 37% 22.3
  • University of Salford 16% 30.4% 14.3
  • University of Central Lancashire 10.1% 22.2% 12.1
  • Edge Hill University 15.8% 25.5% 9.7
  • University of Manchester 17.1% 26.8% 9.7
  • Liverpool John Moores University 12.6% 22.2% 9.6
  • Manchester Metropolitan University 14.7% 23.6% 8.8
  • University of Liverpool 18% 26.8% 8.8
  • University of Chester 11.2% 15.2% 4
  • University of Bolton 12.3% 16% 3.8
  • Liverpool Hope University 16.5% 15.3% minus 1.2

Calls for new law to protect victims of crime

There are calls for a new law to make sure that people affected by crime are remembered when it matters. It comes from Baroness Newlove - her husband Garry was murdered by a three teenagers who he confronted vandalising his car in Warrington ten years ago.

The Victim's Commissioner has told ITV News the time has come for the Government to introduce a core set of rights for those who find their lives turned upside down by the criminal acts of others.

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