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What ever happened to the Waltons ?

30 years ago the birth of six baby girls from Liverpool made history. The Walton sextuplets are the only surviving all girl sextuplets in the world and have spent the majority of their lives in the spotlight.

Now a new documentary series has been made by ITV catching up with the young women and their parents Graham and Janet - who told Granada Reports....

"If you're pregnant with six and you have six its best to just get on with it"

The giant army needs you!

Memories of August 1914 will be a huge street theatre event Credit: Liverpool City Council

It promises to be one of the biggest pieces of street entertainment ever seen in Liverpool, and now members of the public can get involved too. Memories of August 1914 is part of the city's World War One centenary remembrance event and will see the return of the Giant puppets.

Find out how to get involved here.

Liverpool Pals lining up to enlist Credit: Liverpool City Council

Part of it will focus on the recreation of the recruitment of the Liverpool Pals battalions, which saw men volunteer alongside their family members, neighbours and work colleagues, signing up to defend Britain. Now organisers want 120 volunteers to play the part of those soldiers.

Giant Uncle walks down China Town, Liverpool. Credit: PA

Alicia Smith, from Liverpool City Council said, “The Pals are a huge part of Liverpool’s history and it would have been impossible for us to re-tell a story about the outbreak of the Great War and its impact on Liverpool, without including them."


Binge drinking linked to liver disease in young people

A leading specialist in the North West has warned that binge drinking is fuelling an explosion of liver disease among young people.

Sir Ian Gilmore from Liverpool University says more young people are being treated for the disease, which is usually found in adults who have been drinking heavily for years.

Sir Ian Gilmore has warned that binge drinking is fuelling an explosion of liver disease among young people. Credit: Press Association

He told the Tonight programme: "If a youngster said to me a bottle of vodka wouldn't kill me then I would say to them that you are taking a large quantity of a sedative drug, it's like taking an overdose of valium or shooting a large dose of heroin"

Watch Tonight: Britain's Young Drinkers on ITV1 at 7:30pm.

Merseyside Police statement on Jason Osu murder sentencing

Jason Osu was shot and fatally injured on the driveway of his own home in a manner that afforded him no opportunity to protect or defend himself.

This was a despicable and cowardly attack.

His murder was well planned and was carried out with ruthless efficiency.

This has been a complex and difficult investigation and we are pleased with the verdicts returned by the jury.

"Only these men know why they carried out this murder and their actions have demonstrated how dangerous they are.

"There is no place in our communities for people who commit such violent and horrendous crimes.

Suffice to say the streets of Merseyside are safer this evening with the convictions of Croxton, White and McGovern.

"The sentencing of these men today should bring home to them the enormity of what they have done and the pain and heartache they have caused Jason’s family and friends and our thoughts are with them today.

– Detective Superintendent Mike Shaw, Merseyside Police

Three men jailed for life for murdering Liverpool man

Thomas White Credit: Merseyside Police

Three men have been jailed for life for the murder of a Liverpool man.

Jason Osu was shot dead outside his home in Wavertree in November 2012.

Paul Croxton Credit: Merseyside Police

Thomas White, 29, has been sentenced to 32 years in jail, Paul Croxton, 21, has been jailed for 30 years and George McGovern, 54 has been sentenced to 26 years in jail.

George McGovern Credit: Merseyside Police


Forensic teams at scene of murder of pensioner in Liverpool

Forensic teams at Stowe Close in Hunts Cross, Liverpool Credit: ITV Granada, Tim Scott

Forensic teams are at a house in Liverpool where 78 year old man was found stabbed to death.

Police were called to a house in Hunts Cross just before 11pm on Tuesday, 15 April.

A 27-year-old man has been was arrested on suspicion of murder.

House cordoned off at Stowe Close in Hunts Cross, Liverpool Credit: ITV Granada, Tim Scott
House cordoned off at Stowe Close in Hunts Cross, Liverpool Credit: ITV Granada, Tim Scott

Pensioner stabbed to death in Liverpool

78-year-old man found dead at house in Stowe Close in Liverpool Credit: ITV Granada

A man has been arrested over the death of a pensioner in Liverpool.

The 78-year-old man was found dead at a house on Stowe Close in the Hunts Cross area of the city.

He had suffered knife wounds.

A 27-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

He remains in police custody.

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