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Video report: Parents warned over deadly new strain of meningitis

Credit: Granada reports

Parents in the North West are being warned to beware of a new strain of meningitis.

A number of children in our region have already died of it and others have been left with serious medical conditions, as the number of cases of Group W Meningitis has doubled over the past year.

Our correspondent Rob Smith has this report.

Meningitis can kill in hours - know the symptoms

The first symptoms are usually fever, vomiting, headache and feeling unwell. Red ticks show symptoms more specific to meningitis and septicaemia and less common in milder illnesses. Limb pain, pale skin, and cold hands and feet often appear earlier than the rash, neck stiffness, dislike of bright lights and confusion.

Symptoms include:

  • Fever and/or vomiting
  • Severe headache
  • Very sleepy /vacant /difficult to wake
  • Rash(anywhere on the body)
  • Stiff neck(less common in young children)
  • Dislike of bright lights(less common in young children)

For a full list of symptoms and practical diagnosis tips visit:

Kiev fined over racist behaviour towards Everton

Credit: PA

Dynamo Kiev have been ordered to close part of their stadium for next month's Europa League quarter-final after racist behaviour by fans towards Everton players.

The Ukrainian side has also been fined 15,000 euros (#10,950) by UEFA for the setting off of fireworks and for insufficient organisation.

The racist behaviour took place during the 5-2 second-leg win over Everton on March 19.

UEFA has ordered partial closure of the NSK Olimpiyskiy stadium for the first leg of the quarter-final against Fiorentina, to be played in Kiev on April 16.

Dynamo Kyiv was also fine £15,000 for setting off fireworks Credit: PA

The CEDB (UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body) has ordered the partial closure of the NSK Olimpiyskiy stadium during the next UEFA competition match which FC Dynamo Kyiv would play as the host club, and in particular, Blocks 43 and 45 of the stadium.

The Ukrainian club have also been fined 15,000 euros for the setting off of fireworks and the insufficient organisation.

– UEFA statement
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