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Traffic update

Reports of very slow traffic and one lane blocked due to accident, two cars involved on M60 anticlockwise between J14 M61 / A580 (East Lancs Road) and J13 A572 / A575 / B5211 (Worsley), congestion to J15 M61 (Swinton Interchange). In the roadworks area.

Bridge update: Video and pictures

More pictures of the bridge that has collapsed next to Barton Bridge on the M60 have been released.

The bridge consists of four huge pillars that were supporting a platform. It is believed the platform was being lowered this morning at 9.30am when it collapsed. No injuries were reported.

Bridge collapse Credit: MEN SYNDICATION
Before collapse Credit: MEN SYNDICATION


Update: Pictures show bridge before and after collapse

Astonishing before and after pictures show the scale of the collapsed bridge that was supposed to eventually carry a dual carriageway over the Manchester Ship canal.

Witnesses reported hearing a loud bang and said it felt as if there was an “earthquake” in the area.

It appears a concrete platform being constructed between four 31-metre (93ft) high pillars fell to the ground on Monday morning.

The structure is part of a new lifting bridge which will carry a new dual carriageway over the Manchester Ship Canal, joining the Trafford Centre on one side to Salford.

Picture shows bridge before collapse Credit: MEN SYNDICATION
Bridge after collapse Credit: MEN SYNDICATION

Traffic update: M60 closed in both directions

Reports of M60 both ways closed, queueing traffic due to accident, three vehicles involved between J8 A6144 (Carrington) and J9 A5081 / B5158 (Trafford Park).

Affecting traffic travelling between Sale and Eccles.


No prosecutions for drivers who went wrong way down motorway slip road

Police say they will not prosecute the "dangerous and irresponsible" drivers of 74 vehicles who went the wrong way down a motorway slip road to avoid a traffic jam.

But they have logged the car registration numbers and each motorist will be warned about their actions.

The incident happened on the M60 motorway close to junctions 5 and 6 near Didsbury and Sale in Greater Manchester.

The carriageway was blocked when three people had been injured in a collision, with one of them trapped and needing to be freed by the fire Service.

The motorway was closed as emergency services rescued the victims but a police vehicle and an ambulance were unable to get to the scene because some motorists decided to turn the wrong way on to the slip road at junction 6.

Police say the drivers' actions were "dangerous and irresponsible" and all the registration plates if the cars involved have been recorded.

The drivers will be offered the opportunity to attend a driving awareness course or be summonsed to court.

“There is no good reason to drive the wrong way down a motorway, it is extremely dangerous and no excuse could ever justify these actions. The only time it would ever be ok to do so is if police have made the area safe and they instruct you to do it."

– PC Matt Picton, Greater Manchester Police

Police say Operation Tramline a success


Greater Manchester Police traffic officers have stopped 71 people for traffic offences on the M60 motorway as part of Operation Tramline.

The covert operation began on Friday 1 May and saw officers from the Road Policing Unit patrol the M60 motorway in a HGV cab kitted out with recording equipment. The elevated position of the cab allowed officers to see into other HGVs and smaller vehicles and record offences as they were taking place.

Drivers were stopped for a number of offences including texting at the wheel, aggressive driving and reading a book at the wheel.

A total of 71 people were stopped, with 66 of them issued with tickets for driving without due care.

Inspector Susan Redfern said: “The operation has been a big success and we are delighted with how it has gone.

“We have had some good results over the course of Op Tramline and I hope that those people who have been issued with penalties take their punishments to heart and stop committing offenses that are endangering the lives of other drivers.''

M60 speed cameras 'won't be enforced until New Year'

Speed cameras Credit: MEN Syndication

A legal row over the M60 cameras means could escape speeding fines on the 50mph through road works for at least another month with virtual impunity according to the MEN.

Last week the newspaper revealed how not a single speeding fine has been issued since the first of 50 average speed cameras was installed at the beginning of November.

It’s because of a row between Highways and police chiefs about the legality of the 50mph limit which has been imposed on a 17-mile stretch of motorway from junction eight of the M60 at Stretford to junction 20 of the M62 at Rochdale as part of a £208m upgrade.

A QC has told Greater Manchester Police chiefs that the ‘temporary regulation order’ is unlawful as it’s currently worded and would fail if challenged by a motorist.

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