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Miliband to give keynote speech at Labour conference

Labour leader Ed Miliband Credit: PA Wire

Labour leader Ed Miliband will give his keynote speech later at the party's Conference in Manchester. Miliband is expected to pledge more funding to bolster the health service today as he unveils a 10-year plan to rebuild Britain.

There is widespread speculation the Labour leader will use his final conference speech before the general election to signal that money will be redirected to the NHS - and possibly to social care. But he will stress the party's commitment to fiscal discipline, insisting a "world class" country can be achieved without "big spending".

Doubling the number of people buying their first homes to 400,000 each year is among six "goals" being set out by Mr Miliband to help young people. Boosting apprenticeship take-up until it matches the number going to university, halving the number of low-paid workers and creating amillion new "green" technology jobs also form part of what the party is calling a "national mission".

Despite leading the opinion polls, the Labour pair continue to trail David Cameron and George Osborne over who is most trusted with the economy.

Mr Miliband is expected to dangle some immediate policy carrots before the electorate - with the NHS tipped to be the focus after Mr Balls told the Manchester gathering the party would do "whatever it takes" to protect it.

A "world class health and care service" is another of Mr Miliband's six stated 2025 goals - completed by raising the pay of "everyday" workers to ease the cost of living.


Romeo and Juliet performed at Victoria Baths

It's been described as one of finest historical buildings in our region but the public haven't taken a swim in Victoria Baths in Manchester for over 20 years.

The campaign to restore it to its former glory is up and running but meanwhile the pool spaces are being used for all manner of weird and wonderful events.

And as Tim Scott found out, it's currently the setting for one of William Shakespeare's most well-loved plays.

Friends of Alan Henning, who's being held hostage by Islamic State militants, say not enough is being done to get him released

Mr Henning, who's 47, was kidnapped soon after crossing into Syria with an aid convoy in December last year. The Government says it won't negotiate with I-S and won't pay ransoms. But in the meantime, Mr Henning's friends say hostages from other countries have been released.

Watch: Drive by pizza snatch

A man was left baffled after his pizza was snatched by a passengers driving past a bus stop. The whole thing was filmed by one of the backseat passengers in Fallowfield in Manchester. It happened on Wilmslow Road in Fallowfield at about 3am on Saturday. We understand the pizza concerned was a meat feast which was taken by Dan Jackson, 28, from Heald Green, who had been on his way home with friends after celebrating a birthday.


Islamic state ignores Wife's pleas for mercy

The wife of kidnapped aid worked Alan Henning says the Islamic state have so far ignored her pleas for his release.

It's over a week since they released a video threatening to kill the Salford taxi driver .

Mrs Henning has pleaded with the militants to "see it in their hearts" to release him but has so far received no response.

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