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Mosi study finds the catchiest tunes

The Spice Girls performing Wannabe in 1997. Credit: PA

Scientists from Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry have published the results of a year-long study into what makes a catchy tune.

More than 12,000 people got involved in the Citizen Science experiment - revealing the most memorable songs.

They found the Spice Girls’ ‘Wannabe’ was No 1 and the UK’s most instantly recognisable song.

It takes the average person just 2.29 seconds to recognise the track from the song’s catchiest hook at 45 seconds in - ‘If you wanna be my lover…’ to Zig-a-zig-ahh'.

Lou Bega’s ‘Mambo No. 5’ came second with listeners recognising the track after just 2.48 seconds, starting from the iconic ‘A little bit of Monica in my life…’.

‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor took the third spot in the chart.

Over 12,000 people have played Mosi's HookedOnMusic online game.

"People have really got behind this citizen science research, helping us to get good data for our scientists.

"We encourage more to get online at to play and we will continue to see how things develop and change.”

– Dr Marieke Navin, Director of Manchester Science Festival at the Museum of Science & Industry
Credit: Manchester Evening News

Detective on Manchester murder investigation

Detective Superintendent Jon Chadwick said: "This tragic incident is only a few hours old so it is far too early to go into exactly what has happened and why.

"All we can say for certain is that a man has tragically died after being shot and his family are absolutely devastated. Our thoughts are with them and we will be providing them as much support as they need at this very difficult and upsetting time.


Will Greater Manchester get greater powers

It's believed the Government is planning to give more powers to councils in Greater Manchester to run their own affairs. George Osborne is thought to be preparing an announcement next week creating a new 'super council' which would make decisions on areas like transport. Ralph Blunsom looks at that and Ed Miliband's plans for devolved power in the North West

Halloween engagement couple 'we're on cloud 9!'

After waiting very patiently for more than 8 years, Mick finally popped the question! I'm on cloud 9 right now and can't wait to start planning for our big day!!

– Emma Kelly
Mike and Emma on holiday in Paris Credit: ITV Granada

I took Emma to Paris for her birthday earlier this year and I think she was expecting a proposal there, and we have just booked to go to Las Vegas for New Year so I also think she might have been expecting me to ask her there. I refuse to be predicted though, so thought I'd do it on a Thursday night with some pumpkins. Thankfully she said yes.

– Mike Whalley
Mike Whalley presenting his proposal carved in pumpkins Credit: ITV Granada


Miliband wants to spread wealth to North West

The Labour leader, Ed Miliband is in Manchester to unveil his party's plan to try and spread power and prosperity across England's regions. He believes the economic recovery is only benefitting a wealthy few in London and not everyday working people in the North West and elsewhere outside the capital.

Labour want to spread power and prosperity across the country Credit: PA

Included in Labour's plans, if they win the next general election, is giving regions more power over their public transport networks and passing an English Devolution Act which Labour says will mean a cash boost of £30 billion pounds over five years.

Firecrews to stage strike

Credit: PA

Firefighters in the region are to stage a four day strike from 6pm this evening (31st October) over pension. It's the latest in a series of national strikes and falls on one of the busiest weekends of the year. Greater Manchester fire and rescue service is appealing to people to go to organised bonfires and firework displays or postpone an event at home.

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