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Sergio Aguer-no! Pupil with copycat hair cut told to stay home

Tom Moseley with idol Sergio Aguero Credit: MEN Syndication

A schoolboy who had his haircut like football Sergio Aguero has been told he can't attend lessons with it on show.

Ten-year-old Tom Moseley was told his hairstyle, modelled on the Manchester City striker’s look, was too extreme by staff St Gilbert’s Primary School in Eccles. His family told the MEN they were told he could return to classes when his hair had grown, restyle it or wear a hat at all times.

Parents Lisa, 39, and Kirk, 43, have decided to keep Tom out of school, likening the school’s hat suggestion to wearing a ‘dunce’s cap’.

“We set clear standards on hair and dress at this school which parents are made fully aware of and accept when pupils enrol.

“We always suggest that an unsuitable haircut can be trimmed into an acceptable style without going down the skinhead route or that the child can wear a hat of their choice in school.

– Headteacher Cheryl Fox

Students set to 'Reclaim the Night'

Credit: University of Manchester Students' Union

Campaigners against sexual violence are preparing for tonight's 'Reclaim the Night' march through Manchester. Students behind the protest say they will be demonstrating for women's right to "walk the streets at night free from sexual violence, street harassment and assault."

Starting at 7 o'clock, marchers will follow a route from Owens Park along Wilmslow Road to the Manchester University Students' Union on Oxford Road. Organisers say the "creative, inspiring event is open to the whole community and will be full of colour, light and noise." Roads along the route will be closed.

Hundreds of people joined last year's 'Reclaim the Night' march through Manchester. Similar protests have been held in cities around the UK, including Cardiff and Coventry.

Credit: University of Manchester Students' Union


Selfridges to remove 'anti-homeless' spikes

Studs outside Selfridges

A department store in Manchester has agreed to remove a set of spikes from outside after it was accused of targeting the homeless. Bosses at Selfridges insist they were discouraging littering and smoking outside rather than targeting rough sleepers.

Thousand of people signed a petition calling for the studs to be removed describing them as ‘an affront to humanity’. A protest was planned at the store later this week.

  1. Matt O'Donoghue, ITV News

Exclusive: The criminals who say sat nav-style technology is transforming their lives for the better

ITV News Granada Reports has had an exclusive look at the sat nav technology tracking criminals - rather than cars - in Lancashire.

Two offenders who admit they've committed thousands of burglaries have volunteered to have a tag monitored by a GPS system.

The force is one of the first in the country to use it and claims the new method is saving police time and money.

Matt O'Donoghue has this exclusive report:

Accused Manchester bomb plotter questions MI5 agent

Abid Naseer faces a number of charges including trying to bomb the New York subway and conspiring to commit a terrorist atrocity in Manchester in April 2009.

A court in New York has been hearing evidence from teams involved in the surveillance operation against him.

Rageh Omaar has been at today's hearing in Brooklyn:


  1. Victoria Grimes, ITV News

War veteran recognised 70 years after making the most difficult journey in the world

He was a war veteran who spent his service on what Winston Churchill called the 'worst journey in the world'.

Gerry Grant, who's now 91 and has lost his sight, was a sailor on the Arctic Convoys in the Second World War.

He and his colleagues braved German U-Boats and extreme cold to deliver supplies to Russia.

Today, almost 70 years later and back home in St Annes, he received the Ushakov medal.

Our Lancashire reporter Victoria Grimes has the story:

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M15 officer gives evidence in disguise at Naseer trial

Officer 1661 gives evidence at Naseer's trial. Credit: Court artist/Jane Rosenberg

The first of five MI5 officers today began giving evidence at the trial of alleged Manchester bomb plotter Abid Naseer.

Officer '1661' wore a beard, glasses and a wig to protect his identity.

Speaking in a Northern accent, he told the court in Brooklyn how he trailed Naseer in Liverpool during late March and early April.

Prosecutors claim Naseer planned to blow up the Arndale Shopping Centre in a bid to carry out a "second 9/11".

He is also accused of planning terorr attacks in New York and Copenhagen but denies the charges against him.

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