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A footballing labour of love

Chris Smith from Altrincham has developed an unusual obsession. He's combining his love of football and Lego. And for the last 3 years he's been building models of British football stadia out of toy bricks. So far he's built 40 out of the 92 Football league clubs including Preston North End's Deepdale, which he says was challenging getting faces laser printed onto the bricks.

Deepdale Stadium. Credit: Chris Smith
Blackpool FC's Bloomfield Road. Credit: Chris Smith


Watch: Senior cop disciplined after jailing son's attacker

A senior detective from Greater Manchester Police has told how he found himself under investigation by his own force.

Detective Superintendent Peter Jackson was carrying out his own inquiries into an assault on his son Thomas outside a nightclub in Manchester.

But even though he found evidence which helped put the attacker behind bars, Mr Jackson says he's angry at what happened next. Ashley Derricott reports:

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