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Work starts on cancer support unit

Image of what the centre will look like when finished Credit: Maggies

Work will begin on a new unit at Manchester's Christie hospital today. The charity 'Maggie's' will provide extra support for people with cancer and their families. Once finished it's expected to receive 60,000 visits a year.

The Centre has been designed by Lord Norman Foster who was born and grew up in Manchester.

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"Deliberate" cruelty to animals on the rise

Complaints of animal cruelty in the north west have gone up for the second year in a row. The animal charity, RSPCA, say there have been some very violent and often quite shocking incidents particularly in Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Deliberate cruelty against pets is on the rise Credit: PA

Some of the more disturbing cases included a puppy that was filmed being thrown, kicked and his head trapped in a door. Also a cat was hit by a car and a passer by then kicked the animal like a football several times. In 2014, the RSPCA looked at more than 8000 complaints in Greater Manchester and 5200 incidents in Lancashire.

“Most of the complaints we receive involve animals being neglected or not receiving the right care. However, it is shocking that in 2014 people are still being deliberately cruel in what can be disturbingly inventive ways.”

– James Yeates, RSPCA Chief Veterinary Officer


Spotlight on Burnley

Burnley has often been labelled as one of the victims of the recession. But the town seems to be really turning things around. Business people in the Lancashire town say it's actually been one of the places in our region which has LED the economic recovery. So with the general election just around the corner, which party's going to end up in power in this key marginal seat? Here's a constituency profile from Tim Scott.

Below is a list of all the candidates standing on May 7th 2015.

Candidates for Burnley Constituency Credit: ITV Granada

Special Report: Paul Crone on the reburial of the six unknown soldiers in Ypres

In the second of his special reports on the unknown soldiers found in a field in Belgium Paul Crone meets those who've ensured their remains were reburied with full military honours.

Photos: courtesy of Emmanuel Brill/Jean Michel van Elslade.


Paying respects to the unknown soldiers from WW1

Six soldiers from the North West who died in the trenches of Belgium during World War One have been buried with honours.

The remains of the men from The Lancashire Fusiliers and The King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment lay undiscovered for nearly 100 years in a farmer's field near Ypres.

But a team of local archaeologists managed to track down which Lancashire regiments they belonged to.

Adam Carr, from Warrington, is a Kingsman with the Duke of Lancaster's regiment and acted as a pall bearer during the ceremony. He said their sacrifice should never be forgotten.

5 yr old girl's quick thinking spearheads lifesaving campaign

A little girl who saved her mum’s life by calling 999 when she was only five is the face of a campaign to teach children to call the emergency services. Elleemae Addison was at home in Warrington with her mum and baby sister when her mother had an epileptic fit.

Elleemae was able to dial 999, as her mum had told her to, and call paramedics to the house. Now a recording of the call is being used in a new ilm aimed at teaching children about calling 999 in the event of an emergency. Listen to Elleemae's call here.

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