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Aviation enthusiasts flock to Southport airshow

Credit: Rodrigo Alarcon-Cielock

Hundreds of people are watching the skies above Southport this weekend as the annual air show takes place.

The highlights include the Red Arrows display team and a Second World War Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

Rodrigo Alarcon-Cielock from ITV Granada has photographed the spectacular in previous years. Credit: Rodrigo Alarcon-Cielock
Credit: Rodrigo Alarcon-Cielock
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Labour activists gather for party's annual conference

Labour activists will gather today ahead of the start of the party's annual conference following Scotland's decision to reject independence.

Ed Miliband has arrived in Manchester ahead of his party's annual conference. Credit: PA Wire

Ed Miliband arrived in Manchester as Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to ensure English MPs were the only politicians allowed to vote on issues that affect England.

But Mr Miliband said he wants a national debate on the issue of constitutional reform.

Any moves to restrict Scottish MPs' votes on English matters could undermine any future Labour Government.

The Labour event is due to begin with a women's conference as Deputy Leader Harriet Harman, shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper and shadow equalities minister Gloria De Piero all address activists.

Devolution for England?

The Scots have voted no to independence. Now though, there are calls for devolution for the major regions of England. That could mean cities like Manchester and Liverpool getting much more control over their own budgets - even including the power to raise taxes. But is there an appetite for such a thing? Ashley Derricott reports.

Friday prayers dedicated to Alan Henning

Muslims across the region have dedicated Friday prayers to Alan Henning, who's being held by Islamic State. The extremist group has threatened to kill the former taxi driver from Salford - who's been their prisoner since Christmas. Today, at a mosque in Manchester, imams and worshippers condemned IS - and offered Alan their support.


Possible witnesses to Parklife death sought

Police investigating the death of Robert Hart at the Parklife Festival in Manchester have repeated their appeals for two potential witnesses to come forward - they believe may hold the key to tracking down his attacker.

Robert, 26, died on Wednesday, June 11, five days after the assault at the music festival which left him fighting for life with a bleed on the brain.

Possible witness Credit: Greater Manchester Police
Possible witness Credit: Greater Manchester Police

'Beaten to a pulp' - Fusilier attacked and robbed on his own doorstep

A former soldier was brutally attacked on his own doorstep when he disturbed a gang of burglars. The callous thieves also stole the wedding ring given to him by his late wife and money he had saved up to pay for a trip to Latvia to see his son as well.

Adrian Peter Percival, 59, who is an ex-Royal Fusilier, suffered severe bruising after he was savagely punched, kicked and stamped on outside his home on Trafford Road in Eccles on 13 September 2014.

Ex Fusilier beaten by gang of thieves at his home Credit: Greater Manchester Police
Wedding ring was stolen along savings Credit: Greater Manchester Police

The former soldier was savagely beaten – punched, kicked, stamped in the head, torso and arms and also struck across the face with some sort of weapon.

As a result of the attack, he sustained severe bruising and swelling and suspected broken bones to his face, as well as injuries to his torso and legs and substantial bruising to his right lung.

He later discovered the thieves had stolen a green metal box containing the cash he had saved up to visit his son. The cruel gang also stole a gold Irish wedding band with Celtic knots which belonged to his late wife as well as a Manchester United gold centenary medal with a gold chain. Although he was only able to get a fleeting glance, one of the offenders is described as being of a stocky build, 6ft tall and wearing dark clothing. Another was of a slimmer build and also wearing dark clothing.

Ex-fusilier disturbed gang who were burgling his home Credit: Greater Manchester Police

"This poor man has suffered tremendously at the hands of these absolute cowards, who have cruelly deprived him of the things he holds most dear.

"They stole his late wife's wedding ring which is an appalling and wicked act. But not content with that, they also stole cash he had saved up to pay to visit his son in Latvia. It would be hard to describe the anguish he is currently going through and I’m sure people’s hearts will go out to him.

"This man served his country with distinction, fighting to protect others, only to be savagely beaten by three vindictive, violent and disrespectful low-lives who deserve to be locked up.

– Detective Constable Horace Bell

Labour Party Conference comes to Manchester

Labour leader Ed Miliband Credit: PA

Eleven thousand delegates are descending on Manchester for this weekends Labour Party Conference. Its a key event for the Party as it will be the last one before the General Election next year, and comes hard on the heels of the 'No' vote in the Scottish Referendum, a result which the party campaigned for.

Its estimated the conference will net the city more than 25 million pounds, despite the disruption caused by road closures and heightened security in the city centre.

It will get underway tomorrow with the Women's Conference followed by four days of speeches, meetings and debates. Its the fifth time the party have made the city the base for their annual conference starting in 2006.

The following closures will be in place.

Windmill Street, from Mount Street to Museum Street From 7am on Saturday 20:

Lower Mosley Street, from Great Bridgewater Street to Windmill StreetWindmill Street, from Lower Mosley Street to Mount Street Mount Street, from Windmill Street to Peter Street Restrictions will begin to be lifted on the evening of 24 September, and all of these roads will re-open Thursday 25 September morning.

Diversions will be sign posted. Access to the Manchester Central car park will be available during this time. Existing road closures will remain in place during the conference.

  1. Border

Farron welcomes No vote, but 'powers must be devolved'

Scotland's decision to reject independence has been welcomed by politicians south of the border today.

The MP for South Lakes Tim Farron said that although he was "delighted that Scotland has said a firm no to separation", he hoped the calls for devolution would be echoed on a smaller scale in local communities in Cumbria.

“Westminster’s foundations have been shook by the debate and the ramifications have been felt here in Cumbria too.

"The next challenge is to make sure we devolve powers from Westminster down to communities like Windermere and throughout the South Lakes.”

– Tim Farron MP
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