Concern at North West measles high

179 people in the North West contracted meales during the first three months of the year, the highest figure in the country.

The Health Protection Agency says more cases have been confirmed

Measles outbreak in Liverpool

There are now 36 laboratory confirmed measles cases in and around Liverpool and the numbers are continuing to grow.

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Agency offers advice to those with symptoms

The Health Protection Agency advise children and adults with symptoms of measles to:

  • Avoid contact with others, particularly pregnant women and infants
  • Stay away from schools, nurseries and work places until at least four days after the onset of the rash
  • Telephone the family GP for advice before attending GP surgeries, NHS walk-in centres or hospital A & E units

Unvaccinated children at risk says doctor

Measles is highly infectious and unvaccinated children are at risk when it gets into acommunity, as it has done here on Merseyside.

Furthermore, when unvaccinatedolder children pick up an infection they can pass it on to vulnerable infantswho are too young to be vaccinated. That would appear to be what’s happened inthis outbreak.

– Dr. Roberto Vivancos, Health Protection Agency


HPA - parents should get children vaccinated

Doctors are urging parents to check whether their children have been vaccinated against measles.

Measles is highly infectious and unvaccinated children will always be at risk when it gets into a community. Furthermore, when unvaccinated older children pick up an infection they present a risk to siblings and other babies and children who are too youngto be vaccinated.”

– Dr. Roberto Vivancos, consultant with Cheshire and Merseyside HPU
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