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WATCH: Living with Schizophrenia - one man's story

What's it really like to live with a long term mental illness?

Jon Paul Bamford began to hear voices as a teenager. He's lived with his condition for more than 20 years.

But after support and therapy from Rochdale MIND, Jon Paul says he now thinks of his voices as a gift.

And he says he uses the voices only he hears to help him write songs.

In the next in our series of pieces raising Mental Health Awareness he's been talking to our correspondent, Matt O'Donoghue, about his illness and about how people's attitudes towards it need to change.


Desperate mum has to handcuff son to stop him hurting himself

A desperate mum claims she has to put her mentally ill son in handcuffs at home because of a lack of support from mental health services.

Joely Hignett says she has to physically restrain 24-year-old son Kyle Hignett, who has a borderline personality disorder and suffers from psychosis, to stop him from harming himself or others.

Joely who's from Warrington has released the video of Kyle sobbing and screaming to raise awareness of his condition - but said she feels 'let down' by the mental health system.

And a warning you may find this report by correspondent Amy Welch distressing.

An app a day can keep the doctor away - new scheme to help young access mental health services

New apps can help young people access mental health services Credit: NHS

Children and teenagers with mental health issues will soon have access to new apps to help them. It's part of a new technology platform to transform mental health services for the young. It was designed by children, young people, families, and professionals in partnership with Liverpool and Sefton and Mersey Care NHS Trust.

Alistair Burt MP, Minister of State for Community and Social Care, is announcing the new scheme today.

The technology will provide a set of support and assessment resources giving them access to a wide range of professional resources.


Our partners, young people, families and carers are excited to be involved in a project developing technologies and apps that will help all citizens access, engage and monitor outcomes in emotional health and wellbeing health services. It gives the opportunity to work together to develop forward thinking and innovative service that will harnesses the support that technology can offer health care.

– Nicky Fearon, Transition and Youth Mental Health project manager at Mersey Care NHS Trust
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