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Moors murderer condemns tribunal as "wasted" public money

Brady condemned his tribunal in a letter to a journalist Credit: Channel 5 News

The Moors Murderer, Ian Brady, has written a 700-word letter in which he condemns a mental health tribunal's decision to keep him locked in a secure hospital.

Brady describes the tribunal as "£250,000 wasted by Ashworth medical mediocrities manipulating a politically motivated tribunal... designed to distract public attention from the lack of reasoned argument and pertinent evidence."

The letter is 700 words in length Credit: Channel 5 News

The killer sent the letter to Channel 5 News. In it, he criticises those who gave evidence: "'The pathetic petty abuse... rubberstamp witnesses employed to smear, discredit and distract, revealed more about Ashworth's collective culture of applied ignorance and malice than it did about me."

Brady sketched at his mental health tribunal Credit: ITV

Brady continues by writing: "Those listening in the real world would have doubted their senses."

Brady's signature Credit: Channel 5 News


Solicitor: Winnie would've been 'satisfied' by Brady decision

John Ainley, solicitor for Winnie Johnson, the mother of Moors victim Keith Bennett, said:

"I think Winnie would have been satisfied by the decision.

"She always felt that Ian Brady did not give the children any choice and consequently he should not have the choice to leave the hospital environment."

I think Winnie would have been very stressed and angry at some of the evidence she would have heard from Ian Brady - in particular the references to the murders as recreational activities and an existential experience. To think that murdering children could be compared in that way... it beggars belief."

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