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Teenage mum celebrates Christmas lottery win

A teenage mother from Golborne, near Wigan, is celebrating an extra special Christmas after winning £100,000 on a National Lottery scratch card.

Rebecca Tierney, 19 Credit: PA / Camelot

Rebecca Tierney, 19, who has a three-month-old baby boy, Cole, and lives at home with her mother, says she is looking forward to treating her family, learning to drive and buying her dream car.

She said: "I have never been able to afford driving lessons so I am definitely going to start to learn to drive and I absolutely love the Mini, so hopefully I will be able to buy my dream car too."

Miss Tierney added: "I rarely buy scratchcards but I had bought a can of Coke and saw the scratchcards and thought, 'it is coming up to Christmas, I could be lucky'. I just spent £1.


Greater Manchester couple scoop Lottery prize

Tony and Donna celebrate their winnings Credit: Credit: Camelot UK Lotteries Limited

An Irlam couple are celebrating after winning the top prize of £80,000 on the National Lottery Lucky Streak Scratchcard - their third win that day.

Tony Beveridge, 37, bought the Scratchcard with the money he had won that morning.

He said: “I thought I was lucky enough winning twice in one day - £20 on one card and £3 on another - but I thought I’d try my luck with one final cheeky scratch to see if I was really onto a lucky streak.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed I’d won big. I asked the girl behind the counter to double-check and to check again. She scanned the Scratchcard to be certain and said I definitely had won - but I still asked her a further three times to be sure!”

Tony immediately rang his wife Donna, 32, to tell her the good news. The couple say that they’re looking forward to treating their two young children and that their big win will be a huge financial help for the future.

Latest round of lottery grants announced

139 projects across the North West will share of £1.2 million in the latest round of lottery funding. They include the following:

  • £10,000 for the Animal World Conservation Action Project in Bolton to provide after-school activities based around butterflies
  • £9500 for the Worth It project in Stockport to deliver workshops and build a website on body image and eating disorders for secondary school pupils
  • £9960 for New Freedom Counselling in Accrington
  • £10,000 for Merseyside Community Solutions CIC
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