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Seven-day GP surgeries plan launched in Greater Manchester

A scheme to get to make GPs available to their patients seven days a week is being launched in Greater Manchester where it's hoped it will reduce waiting times and take pressure off hospitals.

The plan would mean extra appointments available on weekdays as well as in the evening and weekends.

It's controversial because some say there's already a shortage of GPs and it could come at a high cost to the NHS.

Daniel Hewitt reports.

Greater Manchester gets same day medical help seven days a week

  • Prof Kieran Walsh, of Manchester Business School, explains more about the plans.
It follows Healthier Together consultation Credit: PA

People living in Greater Manchester are to get access to same day medical help, seven days a week.

It follows proposals made last year as part of the Healthier Together consultation process.

It's been announced that all parts of Greater Manchester will be covered by the end of 2015 with more improvements due next year.

It's hoped the move will help take pressure off the region's hospitals.


  1. Daniel Hewitt - Political Reporter

Special Report: the cost of care - can we afford the NHS?

An ITV Poll earlier this year found that voters in the North West see the future of the NHS as the most important issue at the upcoming General Election.

The Chief Executive of NHS England Simon Stevens says the service faces the biggest challenge in its history.

Through the eyes of three patients and NHS staff, our political reporter Daniel Hewitt looks at the cost of running a free national health service in the 21st century.

  1. Daniel Hewitt - Political Reporter

Nigel Farage: "Ringfence NHS spending? Forget that"

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has told Granada Reports his party will back the National Health Service and does want it to be free at the point of delivery, but would not ringfence NHS spending.

Speaking with 100 days to go until the General Election, Mr Farage said all parties need to confront the 'elephant in the room' that is future funding of health, but remained unclear over how his party would propose financing the NHS.


  1. Amy Welch

Protest against mental health cuts

Protest against mental health cuts Credit: Granada Reports

Hundreds of protestors have been marching through Eccles in protest at cuts to mental health services. Campaigners from Bolton, Salford and Trafford took part in the rally. They're angry at proposals to reduce the number of beds by 20 percent over the next two years.

NHS England say they've been working solidly to ensure high quality care.

VIDEO: Hospital apologises after 'confused' man disappears

A woman has received an apology from a hospital after her terminally ill partner disappeared when she says he was confused.

Shirley Ward claims it was two hours before managers at Arrowe Park in Wirral realised cancer patient Andy Howard had gone missing whilst on morphine.

The hospital says Mr Howard was competent and fit for discharge.

Video: Flu jab film criticised by health unions

A film made by doctors, designed to encourage health staff to get the flu jab, has caused outrage among trade unions.

Blackpool Victoria Hospital says the video, which the staff who made it have called "Reservoir Docs", has been a success and led to more staff getting the vaccine.

But one of the hospital's leading unions is accusing the trust of being insensitive about violence against NHS employees.

Our correspondent Rachel Townsend has the story:-

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