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Protest against mental health cuts

Protest against mental health cuts Credit: Granada Reports

Hundreds of protestors have been marching through Eccles in protest at cuts to mental health services. Campaigners from Bolton, Salford and Trafford took part in the rally. They're angry at proposals to reduce the number of beds by 20 percent over the next two years.

NHS England say they've been working solidly to ensure high quality care.

VIDEO: Hospital apologises after 'confused' man disappears

A woman has received an apology from a hospital after her terminally ill partner disappeared when she says he was confused.

Shirley Ward claims it was two hours before managers at Arrowe Park in Wirral realised cancer patient Andy Howard had gone missing whilst on morphine.

The hospital says Mr Howard was competent and fit for discharge.

Video: Flu jab film criticised by health unions

A film made by doctors, designed to encourage health staff to get the flu jab, has caused outrage among trade unions.

Blackpool Victoria Hospital says the video, which the staff who made it have called "Reservoir Docs", has been a success and led to more staff getting the vaccine.

But one of the hospital's leading unions is accusing the trust of being insensitive about violence against NHS employees.

Our correspondent Rachel Townsend has the story:-


'Reservoir Docs' depicts violence against staff says union

Staff at Blackpool Victoria hospital have come under fire for their 'Reservoir Docs' video to encourage staff to get vaccinated against flu.

Sean Gibson from Unison told us:

"The video actually depicts acts of violence against NHS staff. We appreciate what the message was meant to be and Unison supports the vaccination of staff."

He went on to say: "There has been over 50,000 attacks on NHS staff over the last year alone by the general public. Whether this is tongue in cheek or not the depiction of violence against staff on trust property we have problems with.

See the video here.

'Reservoir Docs' encourage Blackpool NHS staff to get flu jab

Staff at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have come up with a unique way to urge staff to get the flu jab.

They've used the 1992 Quentin Tarantino film 'Reservoir Dogs,' to highlight the importance of getting immunised, including the infamous, ear cutting scene.

The video has come in for criticism from some groups because it's connection to the super violent film.

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