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Statement from North West Air Ambulance charity

Lynda Brislin, chief executive of North West Air Ambulance Charity says:

“On the advice of our aircraft supplier, all three North West Air Ambulance craft, along with all other air ambulances using the same aircraft in the UK, have been temporarily suspended from service.

We are in continual dialogue with our provider as to when the service will be resumed and are hoping to be operational again as soon as possible.

While the matter is investigated, our paramedics and clinical staff are deployed in rapid response road vehicles within the region continuing their vital work saving lives.

“We are unable to provide further information regarding the nature of the suspension at this time as tests are currently ongoing, but we will keep everyone informed as and when details become available.

At this time there is no link to any other incidents and this is a precautionary action.

“NWAS will continue to work with other aircraft fleets, including Yorkshire and Great North Air Ambulances together with Air Sea Rescue and Coastguard, and will deploy the most appropriate service available.

Our focus, as ever, remains to increase patient chances of survival through rapid response and treatment.”


Youngsters star in Air Ambulance Video

The North West Air Ambulance charity has chosen four children from the North West to star in their new movie.

The charity, which operates two emergency helicopters across the region, turned to youth rather than experience for a new film to promote the air ambulance.

The youngsters, aged between 11 and 12, play the roles of the North West Air Ambulance charity aircrew.

The charity is hoping the film will show how easy it is to donate to the service.