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Watch Elaine Willcox's report on Ramadan

It is almost half way through Ramadan for many muslims who have been fasting in the region.

During the holy month those observing the fast can't eat or drink during daylight - which at the moment is about 17 hours.

Prayer and giving to charity are important aspects of the month, and Muslim families and community groups have once again encouraged people of different faiths to share Ramadan with them, as our correspondent Elaine Willcox reports.



Junior doctors strike - your pictures and tweets

Junior doctors in the North West have walked out this morning in the first strike of it's kind in the history of the NHS.

It's the first time emergency care will be withdrawn as part of their row over contracts.

Helen Johnson from the Manchester Evening News has been outside Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.

Pickets outside the Manchester Royal Infirmary.

North West soldiers demonstrate new counter-terrorism techniques

Soldiers gather DNA and other evidence Credit: ITV

Soldiers from the North West have been demonstrating new counter-terrorism techniques during an exercise in the Middle East.

One of their aims is to get DNA and other evidence from bombs and terrorist sites, rather than just destroying them.

Senior officers say it can provide vital evidence and an understanding of the terrorist methods.

Natasha Carter reports

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