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  1. Kerrie Gosney

Chance of seeing the Northern Lights

Northern Lights, North of England 2012 Credit: MICHAEL RIDLEY

There's a greater chance than usual of seeing the northern lights tonight - the Aurora Borealis. This is due to two large explosions on the Sun (solar flares) earlier in the week.

Conditions for optimal aurora viewing include a dark cloud-free sky, lack of light pollution from urban areas, and a clear line of sight towards the northern horizon.

Weather conditions tonight are not perfect but favourable. Most parts of the region will be dry with some clear spells. So there's a 'chance' in the northwest of viewing this optical phenomenon...if you're lucky!


Rare glimpse of the Northern Lights in the North West

The view from South Barrule towards Greeba & St John's last night Credit: Peter Christian, photographer

People across the North West experienced something special last night when they turned their eyes to the heavens - a rare glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Spectacular red and green lights of the Aurora Borealis lit up skies.

The lights were clearly visible in parts of the region.

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