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Stabbed Pc "thought he was going to die"

Pc Adnan Ali and Pc Peter Goulding. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

A police officer says he feared he was going to die when a knife-wielding thug stabbed him in the head in a frenzied murder bid.

Pc Adnan Ali, 28, was responding to a ‘routine call’ in Old Trafford when the attack happened.

Police had been called to Stamford Street following a complaint that Dawan Ismail had assaulted a male neighbour.

But when they went to Ismail’s flat, the 32-year-old went berserk with a knife, hacking at Pc Ali’s head and knifing his colleague Pc Peter Goulding in the shoulder while shrieking ‘Allahhu Akbar’ - Arabic for ‘God is the Greatest’.

Ismail was today sentenced to an indefinite hospital order by a court which heard he has significant mental health problems.

He was found guilty of attempted murder, causing GBH with intent and assault in a trial earlier this year, following the attacks on April 30 last year.

It was a routine call-out. We were not expecting any danger, but events escalated quickly.

"Ismail went from being the most calm and cooperative of people to attacking us with that knife. "I was stabbed in the top of my head, cut to my temple, and cut to the side of my neck. I thought I wasn’t going to come out alive.”

– Pc Adnan Ali, Greater Manchester Police


Police officers injured by man with a knife in Old Trafford

Two police officers have been injured after being attacked by a man with a knife in Old Trafford.

Police were called to Stamford Street at 6.45pm to a report of an argument between neighbours. At a house there they were attacked.

One officer suffered a cut head and the other an injured shoulder. Both men are in hospital with injuries that are not thought to be life threatening. A man was arrested and remains in police custody.

Thankfully neither officer appears to be seriosuly injured but this demonstrates the daily dangers faced by our officers when responding to incidents.

Officers managed to take control of the situation, despite the injuries suffered, and quickly made an arrest.

– Detective Inspector Myra Ball
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Man Utd 'call in specialists to improve atmosphere'

Old Trafford has been criticised for lacking atmosphere. Credit: Neal Simpson/EMPICS Sport/PA Wire

Manchester United have employed a specialist acoustic engineer in an attempt to improve the atmosphere at Old Trafford, Manchester Evening News reports.

Despite the stadium being nicknamed the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ and being the largest in the Premier League, the stadium was is often ridiculed for having a poor atmosphere. A club source told the Manchester Evening News:

"There were supporters in the Stretford End who thought they had made a lot of noise only for friends in different parts of the ground to say they couldn't hear them."

The expert attended the Liverpool match in January and will visit the 75,000 capacity stadium again before the season’s conclusion, before submitting findings to the clubs management, according to Manchester Evening News.

The Premier League leaders refused to comment on how much they are paying for the specialist’s expertise.

Old Trafford deal 'builds on' our commitment to cricket – Emirates

The airline Emirates, which has today announced it bought the naming rights to the home of Lancashire County Cricket Club, says the move shows how committed the firm is to UK sport.

Emirates already sponsors Arsenal's football ground in north London, the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Durham County Cricket Club and the Yorkshire Cup in horse racing.

“This is an excellent opportunity to build upon Emirates’ commitment to cricket, a sport we have been associated with in the UK since 2002.

“This association also highlights our continued investment in Manchester and the surrounding region, a hub which we see as vital to our operations in the UK and from which we operate three daily flights, including one of our flagship A380s."

– Sir Maurice Flanagan, Emirates executive vice chairman Emirates Airline and Group
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