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  1. Luke McDowell, ITV News

Thieves steal rugby player's shirts after stadium break-ins

Thieves steal player's shirts at stadium break-in Credit: Manchester Evening News

Rugby players’ shirts have been stolen from Oldham RLFC - the second break-in in just 48 hours.

Thieves swiped a number of the player’s personalised kits along with items of training kit and a ‘quantity’ of other clothes on Friday night.

This came just two days after thieves broke into the club’s Whitebank office where they took wines, spirits, computers and stewards’ radios.

Damage was also caused to the referees’ changing room during the burglary.

The ground has been broken into on numerous occasions since Roughyeds moved into Whitebank in 2010.

“I’m sick of it, to the back teeth. It’s the latest in a number of attacks since we moved to Whitebank and we need people to assist us in identifying those who are carrying out these raids. On Wednesday amongst items stolen, were all the radios used by stewards.

These are not everyday items and anybody offering these for sale should stand out. As should the items of playing kit and players leisure wear which were taken in the break in on Friday.”

– Chris Hamilton, Chairman of Oldham RLFC


Men admit Oldham New Years Day hit and run

Two men accused of playing a part in a hit and run accident in Oldham on New Year Day which killed two young girls have pleaded guilty.

Zaneta Krokova, 11 and Helina Kotlarova, 12, were killed. Credit: Family Handout

Gabor Hegedus has admitted being behind the wheel when he hit 12-year-old Helina Kotlarova and 11-year-old Zaneta Krokova. He pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving. David Orsos admitted perverting the course of justice. The pair will be sentenced in June.


  1. Elaine Willcox

Inquest hears 'man on the moors' took rat poison

Mystery remains over why a man from London took rat poison on Saddleworth Moor two days after flying back to the UK, an inquest concluded.

An international search finally identified him as 67 year old David Lytton, a retired train driver who had been living in Pakistan. Police were shocked to learn he had ingested poison. Elaine Willcox was at the hearing.

Council warns over tax refund scams

Credit: PA

Oldham Council is warning residents to be on their guard after a wave of cold-calling criminals are targeting residents with new Council Tax scams.

Credit: PA

Residents have reported receiving calls and emails from companies pretending to be Oldham Council and Unity Partnership, claiming they had been incorrectly overcharged for Council Tax and were entitled to a refund.

“We never call or email anyone to offer them a refund and have safe and secure arrangements in place should the need to do so occur. My advice to everyone would be to be absolutely sure they know who they are dealing with.”

– Cllr Abdul Jabbar, Deputy Leader of Oldham Council
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