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Oliver's legacy set to live on as MPs debate putting heart machines in schools

When 12 year old Oliver King, from Liverpool, collapsed and died from a cardiac arrest moments after winning a swimming race his father began a tireless campaign to get defibrillators installed in all schools. Now, five years on and MPs are set to debate a change to the law which could see Oliver's legacy secured. Mark King spoke to our presenter Matt O'Donoghue and began by telling him how hard the battle had been.


Cash expected to be announced for defibrillators in schools

Oliver King

The chancellor is expected to announce money for defibrillators in news schools as part of his budget.

It follows a campaign by the family of Oliver King who died aged just 12 years old during a school swimming lesson 3 years ago. His family maintain his life could have been saved if the equipment had been available at the poolside.

Oliver's father Mark says the announcement does not go far enough however and money should be available to put defibrillators in all schools not just the new ones.

Defibrillator campaign goes to Downing Street

Campaigners calling for defibrillators in all schools have been at Downing Street today to press their case.

It follows the death of schoolboy from Liverpool almost three years ago. 12-year-old Oliver King died at following a swimming lesson at school.

A petition was started by his father to get life saving equipment in all schools. The petition has more than 100,000 signatures.

Oliver's campaign takes to the streets

Oliver King died aged 12

A Liverpool dad is taking to the streets of the city for 12 hours today campaigning to get defibrillators in schools after his son died at school from sudden cardiac arrest.

Oliver was suffering from undiagnosed sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS), 12 young people die per week in similar cases.

Mark wants the government to pay for the potentially lifesaving equipment Credit: ITV

Oliver's father Mark set up the Oliver King Foundation in his name, to raise awareness of SADS and are campaigning to provide screening for the condition and defibrillators in schools.

Mark King campaigns for change

He and Cllr Jake Morrison have set up an e-petition to get the issue debated in parliament. Campaigners still need over 50,000 signatures.

For more information or to get involved click here.


Campaigners walk through Liverpool for 12 hours

Efforts to get 100,000 signatures on an epetition calling on the government to provide defibrillators in schools and public buildings will see 12 campaigners walk from Fazakerley through to Woolton over 12 hours today.

The Oliver King Foundation now have just 28 days to get the required 56,000 signatures to reach 100,000 before Sunday 10th February.

The Foundation was set up in memory of schoolboy Oliver King, who died when his heart failed after a swimming lesson.