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Man evicted after trashing home

Council say it's the worst case they've seen

A man's been evicted from his home in Ormskirk after leaving it full of human waste and rubbish.

West Lancashire Council were called in after police notified them of the state of the property.

The council says its the worst case they've ever come across.

Police alerted the council



West Lancashire - Labour Hold

  • Rosie Cooper (Lab) 24,474 (49.27%, +4.12%)
  • Paul Greenall (C) 16,114 (32.44%, -3.75%)
  • Jack Sen (UKIP) 6,058 (12.20%, +8.53%)
  • Ben Basson (Green) 1,582 (3.18%, +2.18%)
  • Daniel Lewis (LD) 1,298 (2.61%, -10.95%)
  • David Braid (WVPTFP) 150 (0.30%)
  • Lab maj 8,360 (16.83%)
  • 3.93% swing C to Lab
  • Electorate 70,945; Turnout 49,676 (70.02%, +6.22%)

University - it's such a drag

Lily Savage Credit: PA

A university in West Lancashire is to become the first higher education institution in the UK to offer a module dedicated to the art of drag.

The Drag Kings and Drag Queens of Performance module will be on offer to year 3 undergraduates at Edge Hill on Performing Arts and Dance & Drama courses. They'll be available from next year.

“Despite the fact that performers have been 'dragging up' since Shakespearean times, this module is completely unique in exploring the crossing of boundaries in terms of gender and performance.

“As part of undergraduate studies, this module not only explores drag as a highly camp performance art, it also engages with complex gender, feminist and queer theory to explore the social and political implication of 'doing gender' in performance. Drag as a performance art form has seen a relative decline in thepast decade, yet there are new and exciting emerging forms coming through whichmakes this module all the more relevant to performance contexts. There's a lot more to drag studies than wigs, make-up and high heels!”

– Senior Lecturer Mark Edward
  1. Tim Scott, ITV News

Victim's mother's plea to Parole Board over killer's Facebook posts

Steffan Bell, 23, was running his own business in Ormskirk when he was killed in an unprovoked attack by Colin Eedle. Credit: ITV News.

A murderer has posted a shocking messages on the internet which the mother of his victim says mean he should stay behind bars.

Colin Eedle stabbed Stefan Bell to death in 2001 and more than a decade later, he is now due for parole.

But Stefan's mother says the killer's post on social media makes him unfit for release.

Tim Scott has this report:

Drug trafficker named 'most wanted'

'Most wanted' David McDermott could be in Spain Credit: Crimestoppers

Gangster David McDermott has been named in the UK's 'most wanted' by Crimestoppers and the National Crime Agency,

McDermott, 41, who is originally from Ormskirk but also lived in Liverpool, is wanted on suspicion of conspiracy to supply cocaine and conspiracy to blackmail.

He is believed to be a member of an organised crime gang involved in a conspiracy to supply 400 kilos of cocaine.

It's thought he could be on the run in Spain.

CCTV showing McDermott circled. Credit: Crimestoppers

McDermott is on a 'most wanted' list being published in Madrid as part of Operation Captura, a scheme by the National Crime Agency to trace criminals who are thought to have fled to Spain.

The appeal comes after 16 holdalls containing cocaine with a street value of £71 million were found hidden in a container of frozen Argentinian beef at Tilbury Docks in Essex in May 2013.

After the cocaine was seized, NCA officers watched and listened as McDermott met with members of the gang at Aintree Retail Park.

Spain is not a safe haven for British fugitives.

"Sixty-five fugitives on the Operation Captura list have been caught, along with many more fugitives.

"The exceptional level of collaboration and intelligence sharing with the Spanish authorities has been vital to these arrests. "However, we still need the support of the public. Be our eyes and ears and tell us if you have any information on the whereabouts of our targets."

– Hank Cole, Head of International Operations for the National Crime Agency.

He was allegedly involved in the planning of a "violent mission" to recover the drugs, not knowing it had been seized by law enforcement, the NCA said.

The use of "physical and sexual violence" against anyone who had information was discussed, a spokesman said.

Five members of the gang have already been jailed for a total of 42 years.

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