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New centre for Paralympic swimming

Paralympic World Cup, Manchester Aquatics Centre Credit: PA

British Para-Swimming is opening a new centre at the Manchester Aquatics Centre.

It includes a training camp for top swimmers including Ellie Simmonds and Josef Craig.

Athletes say it will be a world leading performance centre.

Paralympic World champion, Ellie Simmonds Credit: PA


Disabled athlete left paralysed is now back in training

Danielle Bradshaw was tipped to become top Paralympic athlete, but was left paralysed by a mystery collapse. Now, she is back in training for Rio 2016.

Only two years ago, Danielle Bradshaw made headlines when she begged doctors to amputate her right leg - which she couldn't use - so she could be fitted with a prosthetic limb and start training.

We'll be catching up with Danielle today. Clare Fallon spoke to her last August:


  1. Emma Jesson

TV interference? It could be the weather

High pressure may interfere with TV reception Credit: PA

Lots of complaints about TV interference over the past few days through many parts of the country.

High pressure can impede TV reception, so that may be the reason.

The high slips away next week, so your TV picture should be improving - even if the weather picture isn't.

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