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Party People: Exclusive interview with David Cameron

This week Rob McLoughlin talks exclusively to David Cameron Credit: Granada reports

In this week's 'Party People' David Cameron talks exclusively to Rob McLoughlin about his bid to win over the North West and about the possibility of a coalition with Ukip.

We try and find out what 5 more years of David Cameron in Downing Street would mean for people in the region, for the NHS, for benefits, and for the so called 'bedroom tax'.


Party People: Row over tax relief for married couples

Town Halls in the region are bracing themselves for more cuts.

Will we see more services reduced or removed?

And on the day it's proposed to pay our MPs more have we got our priorities right?

MPs from the North West will be discussing these issues - and the row over tax relief for married couples - on Party People tonight at 11:35pm on ITV.

Click video for Andy Bonner's report.