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New taxi rating scheme set for Pendle

Credit: PA Images

Councillors in Lancashire will meet today ahead of plans to bring in a new taxi rating system. Recent spot checks in Pendle revealed 70% of cabs stopped were not fit for the road. In future those deemed unsafe could be named and shamed.

Last month bosses voted to extended the maximum age a vehicle can operate from 9 years to 11. Pendle Council leader Cllr Mohammed Iqbal denied that the change would lead to a reduction in safety.

If you look at how things currently stand there are a lot of boroughs in Lancashire which have no vehicle age limitations.

"We have had ours for a number of years.

"The age of the vehicle isn't the issue as far as I am concerned because it is highlighted by our testing procedure that cars which are only three-years-old fail the safety checks.

"The issue for me is that at the moment there is no way for the public to know how safe a vehicle is when they ring up for a taxi.

"That is why I have asked the taxi licensing committee to work on a scheme hat would publicise good taxi operators but also highlight the poor ones regarding maintenance and safety of their vehicles. It would be something similar to the star rating system that we have for takeaways and restaurants.

– Cllr Mohammed Iqbal


Pendle - Conservative Hold

Pendle result
  • Andrew Stephenson (C) 20,978 (47.20%, +8.32%)
  • Azhar Ali (Lab) 15,525 (34.93%, +4.01%)
  • Mick Waddington (UKIP) 5,415 (12.18%, +8.91%)
  • Graham Roach (LD) 1,487 (3.35%, -16.85%)
  • Laura Fisk (Green) 1,043 (2.35%)
  • C maj 5,453 (12.27%)
  • 2.15% swing Lab to C
  • Electorate 64,657; Turnout 44,448 (68.74%, +0.92%)

An artistic celebration in Lancashire

Pendle and its twin town of Creil, a town north of Paris, are wishing each other a happy 40th birthday by exchanging two unique sculptures.

Acclaimed French artist, Joel Couloigner, is bringing the new sculpture over by lorry from Creil next week.

It will be unveiled and the name of the sculpture revealed on Saturday 6th September at the Pendle Sculpture Trail in Aitken Wood near Barley.

Meanwhile, Pendle international sculptor, Philippe Handford, will return the compliment by loading a specially created sculpture onto the lorry for the return trip for installation in Creil.

Sculptor Philippe Handford survey's his work in Pendle Credit: Pendle Council

Pendle Sports Hub honours Olympic hero Steven

Olympic winner Steven Burke. Credit: PA

A new cycle track and sports hub – named in honour of Olympic Gold medallist Steven Burke MBE - opens today in Pendle.

Steven said: "I'm honoured for the track to have my name."

Steven will be riding for England at the Commonwealth Games in July and using the new track for training.

The opening of the new all weather, all year round circuit will be followed by five days of special events leading up to the Tour de France and the Colne Grand Prix on Wednesday.

Councillor Nadeem Ahmed who leads Pendle Council for parks and recreation said: "The new track at the Steven Burke Sports Hub is a brilliant new facility, both for competitive cycling and biking for leisure, for people of all abilities and ages.”

Steven on the track. Credit: PA